Best Fruits for Bodybuilding

Best Fruits for Bodybuilding with High Protein

Sick of eating meat and supplements to build your muscle? and looking for the best fruits for bodybuilding?

Then you should check out this helpful article to find out the tastiest fruits for bodybuilders.

The below fruits will help your muscle to grow faster with all the necessary proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Best Fruits for Bodybuilding

A comprehensive presentation of all fruits is of course not possible. In the following, I will therefore present a selection for muscle growing fruits.

1. Pineapple


The pineapple is also an exotic fruit. Packed with vitamins and valuable enzymes. Important to know: The pineapple does not ripen after harvest. It’s easy to tell if the fruit is ripe:

Ripe fruit has an unmistakable sweet fragrance in the crown, and the smaller leaves inside the crown can be plucked out easily.

Color, on the other hand, is not an indication of ripeness: fruits from subtropical countries are usually yellow, while their relatives from Africa are often green. The background is the different temperature fluctuations between day and night.

2. Apple

apple for body building

A typical domestic fruit mostly harvested in the fall. However, many varieties still need to ripen after harvest, so you can find them in stores only in winter.

Apples also contain many vitamins and minerals with relatively low calories that is good for bodybuilders. Due to the diversity of varieties, there is a wide variety of flavors, colors, and shapes.

It is important to note that many apples are sprayed, often waxed. This ensures a flawless appearance, and in addition, the wax coat should keep the apple fresh longer. It should be noted that some apple varieties, such as Granny Smith or Jonagold, form a natural wax coating. This is completely harmless.

In the USA, artificial waxing of apples is forbidden, but such fruits enter our trade from abroad. This layer is harmless to health, but in many cases, it encourages the customer to remove the peel, which is not a good idea because most of the nutrients are contained in and directly under the peel.

3. Avocado


The avocado is a stone fruit from the tropical regions of America. There it has been known for about two thousand years and is considered a popular food for babies and young children, among other things, because of its high fat and vitamin content this is said one of the best fruits for bodybuilding.

You can easily determine the degree of ripeness with your fingers: If the skin, or the flesh, yields to light pressure, then the avocado is ripe. Since the fruit is still ripening at home, you can buy a still somewhat unripe fruit without hesitation, knowing that you will store it for a few days. However, you should avoid places that are too warm, otherwise, the avocado will quickly become mushy. Turning the fruit regularly will prevent bruising.

Unlike many other fruits, the avocado hardly tastes sweet, rather its taste is reminiscent of nuts. The color of the flesh is light green, the skin can be colored from green to black depending on the variety, is sometimes rougher, sometimes smooth. In keeping with the nutty taste, the fat content is very high at up to over 30%. The fatty acids contained are very valuable, which is why the avocado is an excellent source of fat, also because it also contains many other valuable vitamins and minerals.

4. Bananas

banana fruit for body building

For many the epitome of sports nutrition, the banana is in fact a good source of energy for bodybuilders. However, those keeping an eye on the calories should be careful: Bananas have a high energy content of just under 100 kcal per 100g.

What makes them particularly valuable is the high proportion of potassium and magnesium. Once the banana is ripe, it spoils very quickly, which is why bananas are usually cut green from the bushes in their tropical growing countries. The ripening process then occurs through the conversion of starch into sugar.

However, this only succeeds when light is available and temperatures are not too cold. Therefore, green bananas should never be stored in the refrigerator. The greener the banana, the higher the starch content and the lower the sugar content, which is also reflected in the taste.

So eat bananas if you want to build more muscle.

5. Soft fruit

soft fruit for muscle growth

The group of soft fruits is broad: While strawberries ripen as early as spring, blackberries take until late summer to fully ripen. The individual varieties also differ in taste: While strawberries are mostly very sweet, currants or gooseberries are often very sour.

It should be noted that this group is not defined on the basis of biological criteria but on the basis of largely identical characteristics such as small, soft, and roundish.

Most berries are native to our latitudes, so you can enjoy them fresh and avoid frozen goods. In these cases, the taste is also different from the fruits that can be bought in supermarkets throughout the year. These berries come from greenhouses and usually have no flavor at all.

So enjoy the berries when they are harvested here. Berry fruit is usually rich in antioxidants and iron and very low in calories, which makes them the perfect snack between meals. Berry fruit is also great for jazzing up dairy products: A flavorless curd cheese with fresh strawberries tastes much better than ready-made products and, unlike those, also contains nutrients.

6. Pears

pear fruit

The apple’s often underrated sister. Pears are very digestible due to their exceptionally low fruit acidity and contain a lot of potassium and vitamins.

Wild pears are almost never found on the market because they rot very quickly, but even with the fruit available on the market, you should keep an eye on the degree of ripeness, because ripe fruit can not be stored for long.

You can easily tell that a pear is ripe by the fact that the stem is a little moist and the flesh gives a little when you apply careful pressure. Fruits that are not quite ripe will ripen in a room-warm place.

Final Thoughts:

Building your body lots and lots of calories and you need to spend money for doing it. It is difficult for so many people to spend money on supplements.

That’s why I’ve given you the best fruits for bodybuilding which will grow your muscle 10X faster than other foods.

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