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Best Delay Spray for Men

Premature ejaculation can be a major cause of a disturned sex life. You have a desire to go all night long, but your body does not coordinate with you and leaves you in an embarrassing situation. Such a case of quick ejaculation can leave you and your partner annoyed and frustrated.

There are a number of ways available to men for rectifying such conditions. Delay sprays are one of them. Read on to get a detailed understanding of climax control spray and what are the best delay spray for men available in the market.

What is a delay spray?

Sometimes you just want to get in the zone and have a fun sex marathon with your partner. But you get annoyed because of quick ejaculation. Most of the men can only last for 5 to 7 minutes maximum before reaching climax. For the ones showing premature ejaculation, this already minimum time reduced to two minutes tops.

Since it is a common problem with a lot of people, thankfully there are innumerable remedies available to rectify it too. Delay sprays are one such remedy that men can use without any hassle.

The purpose of a delay spray is to reduce the sensitivity of the penis around the most sensitive areas. A reduced sensitivity helps in delaying the ejaculation, thus giving you the power to hold on to your sex strength.

This problem being very common, the market is flooded with products with similar effects and almost similar ingredients. The most common, rather primary, ingredient seen in delay sprays is lidocaine and benzocaine along with other ingredients. Both these compounds act like desensitizing agents that help in prolonging your sex life.

How it helps premature ejaculation?

The idea behind flooding the market with climax control spray is to rectify the problem of premature ejaculation. The active ingredient in a delay spray is lidocaine. Lidocaine numbs down that particular area of the penis on which it is applied. Being a mild numbing agent it just has a local effect on the penis and not your partner.

As a result, the numbness is restricted only to your penis and is not transferred to your partner in the act. A delay spray allows you to numb down the sensitive tip of the penis. It is the high sensitivity of the tip that is the root cause of premature ejaculation for many men. Once the tip is desensitized, you can still have a fun sex session further down the shaft.

Lidocaine does not seep into the bloodstream and cause the desensitization of any other area other than what you intend to. A climax control spray can definitely help you reduce the chances of premature ejaculation and enjoy a great sex session with a delayed climax for a great sexual experience.

Best Delay Spray Products: Control Your Climax

1. Vigrx Delay Spray

vigrx delay spray

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Vigrx spray is the best delay spray for men that can help you in dealing with your annoying trouble of premature ejaculation. It is made with all-natural ingredients that help you last longer than you could have expected.

Vigrx spray amazing formulation has a mild anesthetic effect on the sensitive areas of the penis. This effect is caused by benzocaine that gets easily absorbed in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. As a result, you don’t have to wait for a long time to see the spray acting. Wait for 10 minutes after application and you are good to go.

This great blend is perfect to keep your sex life running by increasing your stamina by three folds and help you last longer. You can climax with your partner and feel the full satisfaction of sex together.

2. Promescent

promescent delay spray

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Promescent Delay Spray is yet another great delay spray for men that you can consider for making your sex life more active and fun. According to the manufacturer, this spray has a 64% more success rate with men, helping you rekindle your sex life by getting over premature ejaculation problems. Indeed it is the best climax control spray that will help you last longer in bed.

The active ingredient in this promescent spray gets absorbed in the skin within 10 minutes of application and creates a local numbing effect. You get a more lasting control over your climax and you can increase the duration of sex with ease. As a result, you can last longer in bed.

The great thing about this climax controlling spray for men is that it will not rub off on your partner. Women do not require any numbing agents to increase their time of climax or last longer. If they apply a numbing agent, it will reduce their sensitivity and create an even more frustrating situation. With a quick absorb formula, the lidocaine in the spray remains local to the sensitive area of the penis and is not transferred to your partner.

3. Adam & Eve Extra Strength Marathon Spray

adam and even extra strength

adam & Eve delay spray online

Extra Strength Marathon delay spray for men delivers exactly what is advertised. These amazing delay sprays can improve your sex life and help you and your partner climax with satisfaction. This spray has the same basic composition as any other delay spray.

The Lidocaine in the Adam and Even Extra strenth marathan spray composition gets in the skin quickly and is not transferred to your partner in the act. You simply have to spray it over the sensitive portions of the penis, like the tip, wait for 10 to 15 minutes and you are ready to rock the bed all night long.

This spray comes in a small discrete bottle that you can carry along with you, anywhere you want. It won’t expose the secret of your wild strength and you will be able to satisfy your partner and yourself whenever you wish to. Last longer with this amazing delay spray for men!

4. Sta Erect

sta erect delay spray

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Sta Erect Delay Spray is another great delay spray for men that you can use to improve your sex life. It is made from all-natural ingredients to create a formulation that can help you have lasting control of your climax. This is a simple solution to premature ejaculation that men can face sometimes due to excitement or change in environment.

This sta erect spray contains lidocaine and benzocaine. Both these chemical compounds act like a local numbing agent that desensitize the sensitive regions of the penis. Because of having a local anesthetic effect, they only reduce sensation in the area where they are applied, usually the head of the penis, to leave the shaft with enough sensation to keep going.

You can carry this small spray bottle along with you every time. Be it a hook-up in a bar or a sensual passionate sex night with your partner, just 10 minutes waiting after application and you are ready for some action. Use spray as a great way of enhancing your performance and delay premature ejaculation.

5. Proloonging

proloonging spray

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Proloonging delay spray for men comes with a 7.5% of benzocaine concentration that helps you keep your sex life rocking. Being a local numbing agent, Proloonging spray helps in desensitizing a small portion of the penis keeping the remaining area charges and active.

As a result, you can delay the time of ejaculation by numbing down the sensitive region and still enjoy the pleasure of sex with your partner. Proloonging spray is made with all-natural ingredients that won’t cause any problem.

Proloonging spray is an odorless and tasteless formulation. So, you can use it for oral sex and with condoms as well.

Just apply the required amount of Proloonging spray 10 minutes before getting up and running. It gives you lasting control over your sex life be it oral sex or some old-fashioned fun. Use this bottle of delay spray for men and you won’t regret the decision of spending your money on this great product.


Sex is a fun pleasure event that you should be able to passionately enjoy with your partner. A case of premature ejaculation can be very frustrating and leave you and your partner annoyed. Using a little assistance is not harm especially if the result is simply amazing and fun.

Using the best delay spray brands can do wonders for your sex life and help you keep your partner satisfied. Instead of hiding your problem of premature ejaculation and staying away from sex, invest in the best delay spray for men and keep the ball rolling, all night long.

Delay Spray FAQs

How long Does Delay Spray last?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person and product to product. Primarily the effect of a delay spray depends on the sensitivity levels of the individuals, the amount of product use, and the type or variant of the product used. Using a delay spray of good quality can assure you hour-long desensitization of the penis. This means you have an hour of fun locked and loaded, long enough to have a great time with a single-use.

Does delay spray affect my partner?

A delay spray is prepared by keeping enhanced sexual activity in mind. The chemical formulation of these sprays contains numbing and desensitizing agents like lidocaine and benzocaine. If they were to rub off on your partner, then the whole purpose of the product would get defeated. Women do not require an agent to prolong their climax time as they are naturally blessed with the same. If they were to be numbed down during sex, your effort of reducing the chances of premature ejaculation would just get tossed out of the window. Most of the sprays that are available in the market are absorbed within a few minutes of application. Because of being mild numbing agents with a local area effect, these sprays won’t get transferred to your partner.

How many sprays should I apply?

To begin with, you should apply only 2 or 3 sprays of a premature ejaculation spray to get in action. Usually, the required amount of two to three sprays stays the same for all the manufacturers. Still, it is advisable to go through the product label for any other details or instructions on how to use the spray.

Can I wear a condom with a spray?

This is also something that varies with different products and manufacturers. The formulation of a delay spray or desensitizing sprays is not very corrosive or toxic. The idea behind spray delay is to numb the sensitive region of the penis. Wearing a condom just adds a thin layer of protection. Therefore, most of the spray available in the market is good to go with a condom. However, you should still read the product label carefully for any further information regarding the same.

How much time does a delay spray last?

The lasting ability of a spray to delay ejaculation will depend on three factors The sensitivity of the person using the spray The amount of spray used before having sex The type of product used Most of the products available in the market begin their action within 5 minutes and leave their effect going for about an hour or so.

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