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Best Sperm Taste Supplements

If you’re wondering why my women hate to give BJ? Why every time I make her sit, and she’s spitting everything I gave?

Simply because women don’t like it.

To be honest, I know one likes the semen taste and that’s why she hates to have it. But fortunately there is a solution that will make your cum so sweet and that is achieved by using the best sperm taste supplements.

These semen taste sweeteners are designed to improve the quality of the sperm and to improve fertility.

Another question rises is? Are they safe to use it? That’s why in this article I am going to say the pros, cons and potential risks of this supplement.

How does sperm taste like?

Eager to know the taste of the sperm?

I’ve asked this same question to many female escorts and some say it tastes like custard, creamy, salty, metallic flavor.

However, many people think that the taste of the sperm will be like sweet cream or chocolate, but actually the sperm tastes raw chicken liver. LOL

I am kidding, Actually the taste of the sperm is raw eggs, slightly salty and custard.

I hope now you know what sperm tastes like.

How do you make sperm taste better?

Actually this is a tough question and many people think that drinking lemon juice will make the semen taste better.

Others believe that adding spices such as chili, garlic and cumin can improve the taste of sperm.

And even others believe that eating fresh fruits like bananas, pineapple, apple, orange will add sweetness and flavor to sperm.

However, the best way to make semen taste better is by using the combination of different techniques and methods such as using quality sperm taste supplements in your daily routine.

What is the Best Sperm Taste Supplements?

Here are the top 3 sperm taste supplements that will enhance the taste and quality of your semen naturally with its magical herbs.

1. SemEnhance

Semenhance is the best sperm taste supplements

SemEnhance is currently the no. 1 semen enhancing supplement in the world. I’ve personally tried SemEnhance and was shocked by its true performance. I don’t know how they made this supplement and I must thank the maker of this pill.

I am seeing the result from Day 1, and I’ve already written my personal views about this product. Check this SemEnhance review if you really want to know deep about this supplement.

In short, I will say the features of this product.

  • It’s made by Semenax team. Semanax is a supplement to produce a load of semen.
  • The pills are produced by using ingredients like Pineapple, Celery, Bee pollen, Kiwi.
  • SemEhance will naturally remove the salty taste from the sperm and increase the sugar level which is already present in the sperm.
  • It will also help to get hard erection and prolonged sex.

SemEnhance comes with a 67-day 100% money-back guarantee, return it if you don’t like it. They don’t get returns normally.

Your partner will enjoy your sperm taste and that’s 100% guaranteed!

2. Yummy Cum

yummy cum
yummy cum

Yummy Cum is another semen taste sweetener, and it is promised to deliver the ultimate cum swallowing experience.

If you ask me personally about this pill, I have no idea about and the reason to list this pill is that there are only 3 to 5 sperm taste supplements exist in the world.

Honestly speaking I have not tried this pill, but when I searched on the internet to do some research about semen taste pill I found Yummy Cum, and It got some positive reviews from the users, so I ended up adding this supplement to this list.

Let’s see the features of Yummy Cum.

  • Some ingredients of Yummy Cum are Zinc oxide, Pineapple Extract, Parsley, Cranberry Concentrate, Natural flavors.
    This product is suitable for both men and women.
  • Ingredients are 100% safe with no side effects.

Yummy Cum got no money back guarantee and it is currently out of stock on Amazon and bought only though this website:


3. Sugar Cum

Sugar Cum Sweetener by Hi pleasure company is the third Semen taste pill for men. According to the website, you should take two tablets one hour before doing sex.

The special formula used in the pill neutralizes the PH level found in the semen and makes the sperm taste sweet.

Features of Sugar Cum

  • It is a unisex sperm taste enhancer (Men and Women can use it)
  • Two tablets should be taken on a daily basis
  • Use 100% natural ingredients and some of them are Pineapple Juice extract, Açai Berry, Cinnamon, Papaya, Banana, etc.Sugar Cum tablets give free shipping for US residents and if you are outside the USA you should pay shipping fees.

My Personal Advice

It took me a week to write to post and Honestly If you ask me personally about the Sperm tasting supplements and which one to choose? I recommend you choose the SemEnhance which is tested and 100% safe without any side effects.

And I got no idea about the other supplements and how they work and there is no guarantee that Yummy cum and Sugar cum will work or not.

That’s why you should choose my recommended Semen taste sweetener.

If you want to improve your semen quality and quantity then use Semenax.

Sperm Taste Supplements FAQs

Here are some of the common questions asked by men and women on the Internet, and I’ve collected the most interesting questions and answered here.

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