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Extenze Pills Review: Side Effects & Complaints

Here is my personal Extenze pills review with pros and cons. I used to take to cure my erection problem and to increase sexual performance.

Has your performance in bed dulled down recently? Are you having problems getting and maintaining your erections in bed? Or are you afraid that you have been disappointing your partner in bed recently?

Well, if you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, don’t worry; you’re not alone! Studies have shown that 40% of men develop some form of erectile difficulties about the time they approach the age of 40 and that the chances of men developing some degree of erectile dysfunction increase by around 10% with each decade of their lives.

Now, these problems don’t just affect your performance in bed; they spill out and negatively impact other aspects of your life. For example, if your sexual performance declines in bed, it may bring about negative psychological impacts in your life, i.e., a loss of self-confidence. So, this is a problem you shouldn’t ignore. But the question is what can you do about it? Well, this is exactly what I’m here to help you out with.

I know a solution that I believe can help resolve all of these problems for you. Not just that, I also believe it can significantly improve your sexual stamina and overall performance in bed – meaning that this solution can lead you to have the best sex you’ve ever had.

This solution goes by the name “Extenze” – one of the most popular male enhancement supplements you will find in the world today.

If you’ve never tried a male enhancement pill before and are worried about any potential side effects that it might have on your health, don’t worry! In this Extenze pills review, I will share everything I learned about these pills through my research.

In fact, I’ll even share my personal experience of using these pills with you because, like you, I too was once troubled by how I was performing in bed, and as I searched for the solution to my problems, I wished I had someone to talk to about it- Someone who had gone through this experience and successfully tackled these issues.

Read this review till the end if you want to successfully treat erectile dysfunction, boost your sexual function, and live a life where you never have to worry about having a lousy sex life.

About Extenze Gel Caps

Extenze pills covered by box

Extenze is basically one of the world’s most popular male enhancement supplements that uses a blend of all-natural ingredients to enhance men’s sexual performance and potentially treat conditions like erectile dysfunction.

ED is a complex problem that many men come across. It has several potential underlying causes, which means that it can be hard to find the right way to treat ed. To tackle this, Extenze uses a formula that is an assortment of all-natural ingredients that might help get rid of this problem, as well as those that boost male libido and boost their sexual stamina. For this reason, Extenze gel capsules proves to be a great option for many to improve sexual performance.

To be fully transparent, though, some of the ingredients that Extenze pill promises will help treat don’t really have clinical evidence backing their support. Although, you will find a lot of anecdotal evidence for their support. Also, it is important to note that this pill contains DHEA – an enhancement hormone that makes this pill banned among professional sports players and athletes.

Even though this male enhancement pill is manufactured in the US, it has sold over a billion pills worldwide, meaning that Extenze pills has cemented its name as one of the most solutions for enhancing sexual performance.

How does Extenze Pills work?

Like most other sexual enhancement products, Extenze capusles works by boosting your Nitric oxide levels – the compound that signals your brain to increase the blood pressure in the penis. In addition to this, Extenze uses a vast assortment of ingredients – a mix of essential vitamins, natural sex hormones, and a performance-boosting amino acid called L-arginine.

Now even though Extenze promises to help you fight Ed symptoms and enhance the size of your penis, only anecdotal evidence stands to support their claims, with little to no clinical evidence. It does, however, strongly improve your sex drive and rids you of problems like low sexual desire and stamina.

While this pill doesn’t use any harmful ingredients in its blend (evidenced by the fact that it requires no prescription), it is strongly recommended that you consult a doctor before taking Extenze pills. This is because it does have some ingredients that aren’t suitable for people with heart problems.

Extenze Pills Review – My Own Experience

So far, I have been writing this Extenze gel caps review based on the research I’ve done regarding this product. In this section, I will tell you about my experience with using this pill.

I started researching male enhancement supplements probably for the same reasons you did; a declining sex life.

Now I didn’t suffer from erectile dysfunction, but I did notice a fall in my sex drive and overall stamina in the bed.

My wife never voiced it, but I could tell that she had noticed the recent fall in my sexual performance. It bothered me. More importantly, it was affecting my mental health negatively and ruining my performance in other aspects of my life. I noticed that I would be in an irritable mood at most times, and I wasn’t able to keep my focus at work either.

Finally, I decided I could no longer ignore this issue. I had to do something. Anything. I pulled out my laptop and sat down in my study.

I researched for hours. Finally, I came across a review about Extenze Pills that seemed to promise the solutions to all the problems I was facing in bed. So, I took a leap of faith and decided to try my luck with this pill (the 1 billion sales stat helped with the faith).

The rest, as they say, is history. This pill delivered on all of its promises. My sex life improved, my sex drive improved, sex time increased, my erections were stronger, and my climaxes were more pleasing. It truly worked like magic – you have to try it to see it. My wife was happy, and, as they say, my life was too.

Benefits of using Extenze

Here is a quick list of benefits that Extenze gel caps promise on their official website.

  • The formula uses all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about any side effects.
  • This pill is affordable and easy to obtain discreetly – meaning that it’s accessible to many people.
  • There is no prescription needed for this drug – showing that it doesn’t contain any actively harmful ingredients.
  • Effective pills for boosted sexual performance, stronger and long-lasting erections, and a boost in male libido.

Ingredients used in Extenze

Yohimbe Extract

This ingredient (AKA Pausinyatalia Johimbe) comes from the bark of a tree which is a famous traditional west African medicine for treating conditions like ED in men. This herbal plant works by blocking alpha-2 adrenergic receptors that cause men to have difficulty in having and holding erections. Yohimbe Extract does more than just block receptors, though; it also improves the blood flow to the penis – which means that it won’t just help in treating ED but also ensure that you get the most powerful erections you’ve ever had.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed works in a way that is pretty similar to Viagra. The source of this ingredient, icariin, helps block PDE-5 receptors in the body that keep the blood vessels in your penis from dilating. This ensures more blood flow to the penis and gives you strong erections.


This mineral is widely known for its ability to convert your body’s testosterone to free testosterone. This is important to improve your sexual performance in bed and help you enjoy better ejaculations. For this reason, Boron is also used as a key ingredient in many testosterone-boosting male enhancement supplements.


A dietary deficiency of zinc can lead to low testosterone levels in men. This can ultimately lead to a dulled-down sex drive and reduce men’s performance in bed. Various studies have shown that a healthy supply of zinc can actually help boost your testosterone levels, and, for this reason, Extenze adds zinc as a key mineral to its natural blend.

Tribulus Terrestris

This one may be hard to pronounce, but it can do wonders in helping you get past your sexual performance issues like erectile dysfunction.


Pregnenolone is a natural hormone that your body produces to make sex hormones like testosterone. While there aren’t any studies that prove that this ingredient will help improve your performance in bed, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there that supports its use to treat problems like erectile dysfunction.


This amino acid, when used in appropriate doses, helps improve blood flow to your penis. Be cautious, though; never use this ingredient with Viagra.


DHEA (or dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone that your body produces naturally to make reproductive hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Additionally, there is evidence that proves this hormone’s effectiveness in treating ed symptoms. Although, you should be cautious and consult your doctor (or wellness professionals) to ensure that it is okay for you to add this ingredient to your diet – especially if you are on other medications.


Folate is just a fancy name for Vitamin B9. Dietary deficiency of this vitamin causes sexual dysfunction in men, including problems like infertility to arise. When taken in appropriate amounts, this ingredient can help improve sperm quality and count significantly.

Piper Longum

Piper Longum (or long pepper) has been historically used to treat digestive disorders and menstrual cramps. However, there is also some evidence that proves that they are effective in treating ED.


Finally, ginger is also added to this blend because it is known to improve blood flow to the penis.

Extenze Supplement Pros & Cons

Now let’s move to the pros & cons section of this Extenze pills review. Here, I will weigh the plus points and the downsides of using this pill after boiling them down to the point.


  • Ingredients in this product have clinically been proven to help enhance sexual performance and tackle organic erectile dysfunction.
  • Ingredients used in this blend are known to boost male sex hormone production and thereby improve sexual function.
  • A non-prescription pill that is safe for most men.
  • It comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee, meaning that you have absolutely nothing to lose.
  • A reliable company that has sold over a billion pills globally.


  • Not suitable for men who have any underlying health conditions – especially those that have to do with the heart. You should always consult your doctor before taking Extenze capsules.
  • Some ingredients used in the mix are not clinically proven to help against erectile dysfunction.
  • It contains DHEA – an ingredient that professional athletes and sports players are banned from using.

Extenze Alternatives

Now, you should know that Extenze isn’t the only solution out there to the problems you’re facing in bed. Here are 5 alternatives you can use if you don’t want to go for Extenze pills.

AlternativesManufactured in Official Website
Vigrx PlusUSAvisit website
Max PerformerUKvisit website
Prosolution PlusUSAvisit website

Vigrx Plus – Better alternative to Extenze Pills

Vigrx Plus
Vigrx Plus

Vigrx Plus is a male enhancement product designed to help men over 20+ to enhance sexual functioning and to increase male fertility with its patented formula. It contains popular products like Damiana, Tribulus, and Bioperine which Mayans used for sexual pleasure.

  • Bigger, Harder and Long lasting erection
  • Increased stamina
  • Increased libido and sexual desire

View Vigrx Plus

Max Performer

Max Performer
Max Performer

Max Performer is another good Extenze gel caps alternative to achieve physical and spiritual success in bed. Using Max Performer you will have the edge to satisfy your partner in every possible way and the ingredients used are completely natural and side effects free.

View Max Performer

Prosolution Pills

Prosolution pills
Prosolution Pills

Prosolution Pills is a male potency formula to cure weak erections, low sexual desire and poor stamina. Made with natural ingredients that are proven to be working, and it will be a good alternative for extenze pill. With Rho-kinase II inhibition potential, you will get full and lasting erections.

Here >> View Prosolution Pills


Cialis is another popular name in the arena of male enhancement supplements. This medication is prescribed to treat ED. Like Viagra, Cialis works by using PDE % inhibitors to blind their receptors and increase the blood flow to the penis resulting in large, long-lasting and strong erections.

Online Reviews

I have been using this product for about half a month and I like it. I felt a difference after about 5 days of taking this every morning.

Toni Angel

Works for me. I also take Maca root, which is alot cheaper. It takes almost a week to work but it will make you hard as a rock very often. The downside is your girl may get anoyed with you once she is sore. If she turns you down sometimes just don’t get mad

Kyle Dupont

Yes! Extenze is one of the best male enhancement pills on the market. Thank’s for your honest review

Jay Green

Extenze Pills FAQ


To sum up, Extenze pill is a great option for many men who are looking for natural remedies to solve their sexual performance issues and bring some flair into their sex life. I have personally tried this pill myself, so I can attest that it does deliver on its promises perfectly.

This pill doesn’t require any prescription for its purchase, but I do recommend consulting your doctor before you do so because it does have some ingredients that may be bad for you if you have heart problems.

Extenze Gel Caps Review
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  • Fast Acting
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