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How to Make a Man Come More than Once

For a long time, the belief that men couldn’t have more than one orgasm was prevalent in our society.

However, with all the scientific advancements that have been introduced to the world, now we know that this statement isn’t necessarily true, and a man can have more than a single orgasm while they’re having sex with their partner.

It’s a fact that once a man ejaculates, it is practically impossible for them to be responsive to sexual stimulation. They can get back to action after a certain period has passed.

However, experts have unveiled techniques that a man can use to have multiple orgasms continuously. While it may seem complicated at first, it can be rewarding with enough practice.

Thus, if you’d like to have a more enjoyable sex life, here we have a few tips you can take into account if you’d like to come more than once.

This article will guide you through the different techniques you can consider if you’d like to have multiple orgasms in a row or maybe if you’d like to try it out with your partner.

How Men Can have Multiple Orgasms

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Non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms (NEMO)

Non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms are exactly what the title implies. Most people think that ejaculation equals orgasm, but that’s not the truth

For starters, it is important to consider that men cannot have several ejaculatory orgasms in a row without taking a break. However, if you don’t release any semen, it is possible for you to experience multiple orgasms, and that’s where the NEMO techniques come from.

However, non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms may feel different than normal orgasms. Thus, you need to know where you’re heading without expecting too much. You can refer to them as “small orgasms.” Some men prefer to have multiple of these instead of a single “large” one.

Here’s how you can have non-ejaculatory orgasms.

Work on your pelvic floor muscles

The first thing you need to know is that non-ejaculatory orgasms are all about your pelvic floor muscles. Therefore, the first step in order to become good at them is to learn how to control such muscles.
Kegel exercises can help you strengthen these muscles if you practice multiple times.

This will help you gain control over your ejaculatory and orgasmic responses. The pubococcygeus (PC) muscle is responsible for controlling ejaculation. Thus, you can learn how to have non-ejaculatory orgasms if you learn how to control them.

You can perform Kegel exercises by identifying the pubococcygeus. All you need to do is stop urinating midstream – that way, you’ll know the exact area you need to focus on. Then, practicing these exercises is fairly easy. All you need is to contract the muscle for about ten seconds while you’re sitting.

While masturbating, try suppressing ejaculation.

Some men learn how to have multiple orgasms while others learn it. Experts say that men that have taught themselves how to have multiple orgasms at once are through masturbation.

However, instead of allowing ejaculation, they prevent it from occurring.

There are different ways to stop yourself from ejaculating. You can squeeze the end of your penis for a few seconds until the sensation is gone, for instance.

The key is to be as close as possible to ejaculating without actually doing it.

It can be challenging at first, so your first stop should be learning how to identify your point of no return, then learning how not to cross the line.

With enough practice, you will be able to reach multiple orgasms in a row while you’re having sex. When the right time comes, you can let your last orgasm be an ejaculatory one.

Different positions

Switching positions while you’re having sex can help you delay and control your ejaculation and erection, too. Experts suggest that trying sex positions that make it easy to stand up and pull out before reaching climax can help you achieve non-ejaculatory orgasms. This is because it’ll be easier for you to tighten your muscles.

Focus on breathing

Multiple authors have cited how important it is to control your breathing while you’re having sex.

According to diverse publications, belly breathing, also known as diaphragm breathing, can help you mitigate ejaculation if you feel you’re too close to the end.

If you’d like to get started with belly breathing, sit on a chair with a straight back. Relax your shoulders and keep your hands on your stomach.

Then, proceed to inhale through your nose as you feel your stomach expanding.

Do not move your chest. Additionally, each breath should have a duration of at least three seconds.
It is important to make this type of breathing a habit.

The only way to achieve it is to practice it daily until it becomes your default breathing style.

Once you’re in sexual action, your breath and heart rate will start increasing gradually. This is where belly breathing can help you regulate your breathing, and therefore, you’ll delay your ejaculation.

Other techniques to try

While it is physically impossible for a man to “come” multiple times in a row, it is possible to feel orgasms without ejaculating. There are other techniques you can use to prolong your ejaculation besides the techniques mentioned above, such as the following:

Stop-start method: This method consists in delaying your orgasm once you’re about to reach climax so you can have a more pleasant sensation later. This practice is commonly known as edging, which has been trendy during recent years.

Squeeze method: When you’re about to reach orgasm or ejaculation, stop immediately and squeeze the end of your penis for a few seconds until the sensation goes away. It can be hard to master it at first, but it’ll become easier for you to control your ejaculation after a while.

Like this, there are different methods to have multiple orgasms that can work on you. Thus, focusing on perfecting your preferred technique can help you achieve more pleasant orgasms and have a better sex life, generally speaking.

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