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Bread Bodybuilding Program for Bulking in One Month: The Recipe

Most Bodybuilders are aware of the importance of protein to develop and gain muscle mass. However, not everyone knows which foods for muscle gain contain carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are as necessary for the synthesis of muscle tissue as proteins, so you need to accompany your meals with carbohydrates. Bread bodybuilding diet is undoubtedly one of the most useful program in this regard.

It is a source of vegetable proteins, with a high nutritional value, which could be compared to proteins from animal sources such as fish or meat. The value is increased if bread is consumed together with other protein-rich foods.

Bread is not an enemy of the fitness diet, far from it, you just have to choose the right bread for your muscles, we tell you what it is!

Bread Bodybuilding for your muscles

For fitness we always look for a high amount of protein, which is not ultra-heavy and, therefore, a spelled wheat bread has a high protein content, or whole wheat spelt fermented with sourdough; and if the spelled bread has seeds like quinoa, the better because we have a higher protein bread with very good vegetable proteins.

The rye bread also, although it has less protein. These bread have more proteins, fewer sugars and, therefore, they fit well in almost any fitness diet.

Is whole-grain or whole-grain bread better?


Including whole-grain flour products in our diet, whether bread or pasta, has been one of the most fashionable dietary recommendations for more than a decade, hence the consumption of this type of product is soaring year after year.

Therefore, in the market, we can find a great variety of products of this type: from whole grain, multigrain, or sprouted bread, to those made from whole grain flours. But… which are the most recommendable and why?

Many of the bread that seem wholemeal to us, or are even sold as such, really are not. They are made from refined white flour to which a small percentage of bran is added, around 1 percent, to give it the appearance of wholemeal”.

Whole-wheat bread is, although it may seem obvious, one made from whole wheat flour, generally these bread are obtained by mixing white flour, bran, and germ in the same proportions that are in the grain.

This mixture is considered integral. Multigrain bread, however, has little to do with this, since it is a preparation that, as its name suggests, is made with seeds of different cereals, but this does not necessarily guarantee that the bread are wholemeal, they can be refined flours from various types of cereals or even white and whole meal flours can be mixed.

Therefore, these products do not necessarily have to be healthier than a traditional wheat bread prepared with refined flour: The most natural is whole grain. We must start from the premise that a grain of wheat has 3 parts: endosperm, bran and germ.

The endosperm, which is what many people know as grain, is what contains the carbohydrates; the bran is the part that protects the endosperm and contains the fiber; and finally the germ, which contains B vitamins and minerals

Normally, flour manufacturers eliminate the germ from the grain because, being a ‘live’ part, it is the one that spoils first, and if it spoils, it would make the whole batch rancid.

However, in order to consider bread as whole grain, it is necessary that the flour with which it is prepared is obtained by milling the whole grain: This means that the flour is milled practically at the moment of being used so that it does not spoil.

That’s why we work with ecological whole grain flour of the highest quality. With this we get a very tasty bread with great nutritional values, very healthy and natural.

How to recognize good bread for bodybuilding diet?

The first thing is to trust your baker, obviously. Once you have a place you trust, you can tell what good bread looks like by looking at these aspects: those bread with a lot of volumes, zeppelin type, are not very reliable; a whole wheat bread has to be dense and when it is ugly it is possible that it is because it has been made with a good flour; the flavor, when tasting it, has to have its slight acidities, like good milk or a beer; and, finally, the moisture of the crumb, a well-fermented bread the crumb has to be a little moist, which is a symptom of a good fermentation and lasts longer, of course”.

How to make sourdough?

To make sourdough you need a week or so a few minutes a day; bread has one ingredient, which is patience. The main thing is to control it every day, control the temperature; if you have the right ingredients, the main thing is the temperature as I explain in this video on my YouTube channel.

This is all i know about bread bodybuilding diet, if you have question kindly put them in the comment box.

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