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Looking For a 300 Grams of Protein A Day Meal Plan? Read This First!

If you want to build your muscles and look like a bodybuilder, it is essential to adhere to strict diet and exercise. What we eat is really vital to give us the dream body that we strive to achieve.

This diet must include the macros as well as the micro nutrients in proper proportion. When we talk about macros, the main thing is the proteins that will help you to gain muscles.

If you are really serious about showing off your muscles with cuts, then you must follow 300 grams of protein a day meal plan.

We know this soundlike too much, but 300 grams of protein each day can be consumed if you are a serious bodybuilder. However, if you are not into bodybuilding, then you shouldn’t take 300 grams of protein in a day since it will damage your kidneys.

Who can consume 300 grams protein per day?

Bodybuilders exercise a lot and need a lot of protein in their food to help their muscles recover. Carbs and fat are also essential but the most important macro is protein. When we exercise our muscle fibers break down and then the body repairs it turning it even stronger.

For repairing the fibers, our body needs protein and this is why intake of protein is stressed by fitness trainers. Extreme bodybuilders are only the ones who can follow 300 grams of protein a day meal plan.

Nutritionists say that only 2 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight can be taken by persons who are having an active lifestyle and perform heavy exercises. Considering this, 300 grams is excessive and will put our body under strain.

What will happen to you on consuming 300 gram protein?

Consuming excessive protein will affect the kidneys since they need to filter the extra metabolic waste. There will be damage to kidneys and it can found by the condition called proteinuria where protein is present in urine. Also, our body first uses carbohydrates to get its fuel and not proteins.

So proteins cannot be efficiently used by our body and its excessive consumption is therefore not necessary.300 grams of protein a day meal planis therefore not recommended by experts and should be avoided to maintain healthy body.But if you are still hooked up on consuming such large amounts, there are some ways to incorporate protein in your diet.

Give These Protein Sources A Try!

Following a 300 grams of protein a day meal plan can seem like a daunting task. You must take large amounts of protein source like eggs, milk, meat etc.

But you cannot eat eggs all day long and not in large amounts. There are many ways to include protein like taking a protein rich shake and consuming protein powder.


Also, nowadays protein chips and cereals that contain only small amount of carbs and fat are available. You can make use of them if you get bored with your hard boiled eggs.

Even coffee which has twenty grams of protein per cup is available in some brands like Javapro. Nowadays water bottle containing approximately 15 grams of protein are also produced by few brands.

Other sources of protein

Cheese is great source of protein and fat. Peanut butter, protein soups are also great if you are looking for adding more protein in your meal. There are many options available to those looking to get proteins like protein ice cream, protein bread, meat and the list is endless.

The only thing is how much can fit into your budget? Also, considering the harmful side effects of high protein consumption, it is better to avoid excessive protein intake.

If you want a powerful shredded body, exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet. Don’t go overboard with any single idea and ruin your health. That said, you can approach your dietician and ask for the correct amount of protein you can include in your diet.

Drink more Water!

However, if you are sure that you should start the 300 grams of protein a day meal plan, then consider these facts. You should start drinking excess water throughout the day. If you don’t drink enough water, you will certainly put a strain on your kidneys and damage it.

This is because the kidney has to filter out all the extra waste produced due to high protein intake. We don’t think it is necessary to damage an important organ and that is why we stress on the importance of water. Also, more amount of vitamin B6 will be necessary for the body.

Vitamin B6 helps in the protein metabolism and hence you need more of it too. So, please think twice before having large amounts of protein. We hope that this article was helpful to you in deciding if you want to eat 300 grams of protein per day.

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