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ProExtender Review : The Pros & Cons After Using it

Here is my honest ProExtender Review for you and kindly read my whole experience to know the actual pros and cons before purchasing this product. Stay safe!

My story begins.

I had never given a serious thought to my sexual performance capabilities until my first serious date. I met my love on my first visit to a business conference in Texas. We didn’t even know that we may eventually fall in love after year-long email and phone conversations. Of course, we used to meet whenever time permitted and situation warranted.

One fine day she called and announced she wanted to go on a date. In fact, it was a week-long vacation at South Padre Island. We confessed our love for each other and after three days, had our first physical intimacy.

The Trauma

The trauma started soon after a few minutes of foreplay when the time came for the intercourse. I failed miserably to get an erection and our lovemaking ended abruptly. I knew she was upset and shocked to have such an experience, but she soon recovered. She mumbled something about getting a surgery or something before leaving.

Initiation into ProExtender

Pro Extender Tool Image

One of my friends suggested that I go for ProExtender to solve my problem. I was not sure whether I had a size problem or erection issue. Anyway, I decided to take the opinion of a therapist before making a decision.

My therapist is an experienced veteran who has spent the last 15 years treating patients like me. To my surprise, he too suggested ProExtender immediately after diagnosis. He also showed me the device and explained how to use it and how it works.

On the first day, I called up my love and informed her of the decision. I could sense her bubbling with joy and excitement at the other end. After two minutes of talking, she dropped a bolt from the blue. “We should get married in six months”. She went offline.

I was shocked beyond belief. She had such a profound faith in ProExtender that she didn’t even bother to wait until I got results. On that my resolve to start using the product became firm.

Our Life Now

It has been a year since our marriage. Surprisingly our Honeymoon was at the same place in Padre Island.  I was surprised to see things happen so smoothly and so fast. For my wife, it was natural that ProExtender works wonders.

Later she told me about her friends having the same issues with their men and getting a solution from the trusted product. We are expecting our first baby that is due on December 2018. We share a great married life and our sex life is absolutely fine.

ProExtender Review – How it Transformed Me?

My Pro Extender Kit Box (See Demo)

Showing my Kit Box for this ProExtender review

I am happy that I found the ProExtender, so my problem got solved successfully. Anyway, I would love to share my experience with you so you may also find a lifelong solution for your size and performance issues.


The ProExtender device has a base ring, extension rods, fixing strap, and a front piece with “O” shaped ring. The first impression was somewhat strange. I thought it was the miniature form of a high-tech gym-equipment or something.

The doctor laughed at my surprised look and said, “Don’t worry it will work for you the same way I have been doing for millions of men out there”. He told me it was absolutely harmless and no side effects. He assured me of an increase in size, girth, strength, and stability.

He also explained how the ProExtender device is being recommended by sexologists and surgeons all over the world today. He said the device is not only for size, but also for erectile dysfunction, performance, stamina, and extended orgasms.

I Wear the ProExtender

I still remember the first feeling of cold steel and soft plastic around my male organ when I wore it. The procedure is very simple and easy. The base assembly sits comfortably and wraps around the scrotum. The twin knobs at the ends allow me to adjust the tightness gently.

The therapist asked me to use the foam pad which would make the wearing comfortable and free from irritation.

The flat base-plate allows the placement of scrotum and the base section of the shaft comfortably. The piston and spindle rod assembly have an extendable architecture for pulling down the penis shaft with the weight of the front piece assembly. The “O” ring fits perfectly shaft just above the Glans penis.

I could feel the excitement of finding a potential solution to my problem. The specialist gave me the instructions about when and how long to wear, types of clothes, and activities, etc. he also told me about some of the maintenance procedures to keep the ProExtender working at the highest efficiency levels.

First Experience of ProExtender

I started using the ProExtender exactly according the specialist instructions. I had started experiencing some strange sensations in my penis within the first fifteen days. Sometimes there was a sensation of numbness (that’s what I thought) around the penis shaft length. I decided the meet the therapist and ask him what was going on.

The therapist smiled weirdly when I explained to him about the feeling of numbness. “If it’s numbness how can you feel it?” was his question. I looked him sheepishly asked him to tell me what was happening. Continue reading my ProExtender review.

Therapist Clarifies

The male penis is like a cylindrical tube with multiple layers of tissues, cells, nerves, and exterior skin. The part of the shaft extends behind the testicles into the urethral region. The considerable part of the shaft is still hidden like a compressed rubber tube.

The main parts of the male penis are corpora caversosa, corpus spongiosum, dorsal nerves, and the spongy Urethra extension. The penile venules are the nerves which convey the sensation of the external world into the penis.

  • Penis Size: The male penis size naturally increases with growth from adolescence into adulthood. In some men, it may not happen due to biological and physiological reasons which are beyond control. But restoration is within the human control. It is where the role of ProExtender assumes significant importance.
  • Penis Core: The core part of the penis made of corpora caversosa is extendable. It’s just like working out the skeletal muscles to increase muscle mass and strength. ProExtender can stretch the corpora and make it expand. The process will be gradual until the point of the threshold. Then the process becomes faster. The male penis length and girth can increase by more than 30%-40%, depending on age, physical fitness, and health, etc. The ratio may vary, but eh effects are assured and natural. Hence, the growth is irreversible.
  • Penis Strength: ProExtender not only increases the length and girth but also enhances the strength and performance levels to the maximum possible extent. The experience of premature ejaculation, premature shrinking, loss of erection, and related issues will be only memories.
  • Penis Performance: ProExtender can also pull out the compressed part of the penile shaft that is beneath the base of the testes. This procedure may take time and consistent working with the device. However, the remaining part extends and thickens. It results in increased performance during the intercourse. The exterior skin and the penile venules remain hard without experiencing the urge to ejaculate and shrink.

Growth in length and girth happens in multiple stages. Consistent workout with ProExtender can initiate the process called call mitosis. The penile cells undergo differentiation and split to form two cells from one. This process is a part of length extension. The other process is girth expansion which happens due to the increase in the number of cell and tissue layers.

  • Age limit: Practical experience has shown that there is no age limit for the adult male to use ProExtender. Any adult man above the age of 18 can utilize the device for getting maximum possible results. Of course, the time taken for growth may vary partially or markedly. But the results are assured within the time span advised by the therapist.
  • Health Condition: ProExtender can be used by people despite having health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, and other non-critical problems. The research works and experiments on males have shown no side effects within the age group between 18+ and 50+.
  • Physical Fitness: You don’t need to be he-man or have a gym-fit body for using ProExtender. It is known to work for all the adult men with varying BMI from normal to the obese levels. It may take more time with some people, while it works faster with the others. But the positive results are assured within the time span specified by the therapist.
  • Diet Practices: Practically speaking, there are no restrictions on the type and volume of diet you consume. Of course, it could be an added benefit if you could follow a nutritious diet plan which is similar to your gym-program. Also, staying away from smoking and moderating alcohol consumption may help in speeding up the process. These are some of the results which we have been able to observe during the treatment of men with Pro Extender.
  • ProExtender Duration: There is absolutely no standard formula which will apply to every adult male. It may vary with individuals depending on the physiological variations. Hence, it is recommended that you take the advice from your therapist for the duration of the Pro Extender wearing and workout.
  • Added Benefits: ProExtender is scientifically designed to work with the penis, testes, seminal vesicle and prostate gland. There is a significant positive impact on the Vas deferens that connects the seminal vesicle with the testicles. As you continue to work out on the ProExtender, the nerves from the penis create significant changes to the functioning of the testes. It may boost the semen volume to a considerable level and prolong the duration of intercourse. There have also been reports of extended orgasms. An erection can also last longer after ejaculation due to the strengthened Corpora Caversosa. It can retain a significant volume of blood in the post ejaculation period. Hence, the process of recovery and subsequent erection takes significantly lesser time.

Continued Experience of ProExtender

The long session I had with the therapist helped me overcome all the prejudices and assumptions. I started using ProExtender exactly the way in which he asked me to do. I was able to get the results within a period of six months. I have heard many of my friends and social media contacts telling me it took those four months for the results. Others told me it took more time than me.

The Results of Using ProExtender NATURAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT
  • Penis Growth: At the age of 27 I was able to experience significant growth in girth and length within a short span of time. The significant improvement in performance levels resulted not only in joy and orgasm for me but also for my wife during our honeymoon. Even that day she was shocked but pleasantly.
  • Extended Orgasms: I have been able to experience extended orgasms whenever we have made love from that day. It would be wrong to state that only I have been able to get complete contentment from our lovemaking. My wife chose to call it that way, rather than intercourse since our love for each other is growing with time.
  • Irreversible Growth: ProExtender has worked naturally for me to deliver irreversible growth results. I have not experienced any sort of problems from the first day till today. In fact, my experience has been one of pleasant and pleasure.
  • Zero Side-Effects: The growth in length and girth happen naturally with ProExtender. Hence, there are no side effects in any form. In the beginning, I did feel discomfort to a certain extent for some days. All the issues dissolved once my body got conditioned to wearing the ProExtender.

Pros and Cons

ProExtender has extended my performance duration significantly. My wife is able to experience the heights of feminine orgasms. I am able to reach the G-spot every time we make love because of the extended length. So, the intensity of orgasms is the same for both of us.

The increase in length and girth gives the completeness of filling to my wife. I am able to go deeper into her femininity and experience the pleasures. The energy levels seem to increase spontaneously with every thrust until the extended orgasm finally comes.

I am able to retain a part of the erection after the orgasm and ejaculation. I guess it’s due to the increase in strength and the retention of blood within the Corpora Cavernosa. So, the time required for next erection has considerably reduced. Duration of next intercourse increases greatly compared to the previous session.

ProExtender has given me the psychological strength which never had before. I am driven by a goal to satisfy not only my desire, but also gratify my wife to the maximum extent.

The only con I could experience was the initial delay in increasing the length and girth. My therapist told me it’s due to the threshold point of growth which ceases after crossing the teenage. Once the point was reached, I could experience significant growth in length and girth.

My Suggestion

Today I am able to suggest using the ProExtender and get the natural results. It is not only for sexual pleasure and orgasm, but also the overall fitness of the muscles at the abdomen region and around the penis. There is also a significant improvement in my confidence levels and self-image. I no longer see myself as an inferior or superior, but as a man who owes gratitude to ProExtender.  

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ProExtender Review
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ProExtender® is the awesome one and currently used in private clinics and more than 60 public hospitals in Spain alone and already helped 1000s of guys get the bigger penis.

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