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How Does Diabetes Affect Erection?

John* was a healthy, active 39-year-old man with no history of chronic health issues. But when he started experiencing difficulty getting and maintaining an erection one night, he thought something might be wrong. After several tests, John learned the cause of his erectile dysfunction: diabetes. Diabetes can have a significant impact on sexual function in men and women, as evidenced by John’s case.

This article will explore how diabetes affects erection and what treatments are available to help manage it. We’ll discuss underlying causes and look at research that has been conducted in this area so far. Finally, we’ll provide information on lifestyle changes you can make to minimize your risk for developing diabetes or its symptoms if you already have it.

For anyone who is living with diabetes or suspects they may be at risk, understanding how it impacts their sexual functioning could mean better physical and emotional wellbeing overall. Let’s take a closer look at the effects of diabetes on erections and ways to address them.

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How Does Diabetes Affect A Man Sexually?

As a man with diabetes, you may be concerned about how it’s affecting your sex life. Diabetes can affect erections in several ways and decrease a person’s libido or desire for sexual activity. In many cases, diabetic impotence is caused by damage to the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. When these vessels are damaged, they cannot fill with enough blood to create an erection. Other complications of diabetes, such as nerve damage and hormonal imbalances, can also lead to erectile dysfunction (ED).

Diabetic men often experience decreased sensation in their genitals which can make it difficult to achieve orgasm or maintain arousal during intercourse. Diabetes can also cause fatigue due to poor circulation, making it more challenging for men with diabetes to enjoy sex and stay aroused.

Fortunately there are treatments available that can help improve symptoms of ED associated with diabetes and allow individuals to have fulfilling sexual relationships once again.

What Happens If A Diabetic Takes A Viagra?

When it comes to a diabetic taking Viagra, there are some important things to consider. It is essential to understand that Viagra may not be safe for diabetics because of the potential risks involved with its use. People with diabetes have an increased risk of developing blood vessel and nerve damage which can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED). Therefore, it’s important to speak with your doctor before using any type of ED medication such as Extenze.

It is also worth noting that although Viagra can help improve sexual function in men with ED, it does not necessarily address the underlying causes related to diabetes. As such, if you decide to take viagra while having diabetes, you must first ensure that all other health issues associated with diabetes are managed properly.

Additionally, always make sure that you discuss medications like viagra with your physician so they can determine whether or not it will be beneficial for you based on your individual medical history. Ultimately, when used correctly and safely under the guidance of a healthcare professional, Viagra could potentially help many diabetic men achieve better erections.


In conclusion, diabetes can have a major impact on sexual functioning in men, including erectile dysfunction. The most common cause of ED among diabetics is poor blood sugar control and nerve damage due to the disease. While Viagra can help with improving erections for those who do not have diabetes, it may be less effective for diabetics because of their underlying health condition.

Fortunately, there are treatment options available that could help reduce or even reverse some of these effects. Recent research has shown promise in treating diabetic-related ED through lifestyle changes like diet and exercise as well as medications such as phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDEIs). These treatments offer hope for many men living with diabetes who want to reclaim their sex lives again.

No matter what your situation is, if you suffer from diabetes-related ED then don’t despair – speak to your doctor about potential solutions that could work best for you. With the right approach, it’s possible to achieve an erection despite having diabetes – all it takes is dedication and perseverance.

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