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Typical Bulking Diet for Women: Easy Meal Plan List

Worried about being a skinny girl? Do you wish to gain some muscle mass and look fit?

Then this article will give you the exact steps that you have to take to achieve your dream figure.

While most women try to lose weight, there are some of us looking to bulk up. Some women want to bulk up just because they are skinny while some do it for body building purposes.

Whatever it is, this post will give you a clear idea on how to bulk up properly. You can find some tips you should follow in order to gain muscle mass rather than fat. In here, we will discuss about bulking diet for women and the kind of exercises you should be doing.

Check Body Fat Percentage and Calculate Maintenance calories!

When we want to lose weight, we lower the calories we intake. However, when we want to bulk up, the calorie intake should be higher compared to the maintenance calories. Maintenance calorie is the amount of calories your body needs to maintain its current weight.

There are many calculators that are available in the internet where you can find your maintenance calories. Depending upon the height, weight and activity level, this maintenance calorie will vary from person to person.

However, before you decide to bulk up, check your body fat percentage. It should be lower in the range of 20 to 21 % so that you will gain more muscle and not fat while bulking up.

Gain Muscle, Not Fat!

When we talk about bulking diet for women, it is important to understand that the bulking up part must come from gaining muscle mass. It should not be from fat gain.

When you bulk up, you will gain both muscle mass and some fat which is unavoidable. However, this fat gain should be minimal compared to muscle gain to maintain optimal health.

This is why we have to concentrate on eating the right foods instead of junk foods. Also, always combine right eating habits with exercising if you want to bulk up and still maintain a fit physique.

How much Surplus Calories Do You Need?

Proper nutrition will aid you in gaining lean mass while bulking up and for that first you have to calculate your surplus calorie intake. Suppose your maintenance calorie is 2000, then you have to increase your daily intake to 2400 calories.

That is you must eat 20% more calories to bulk up than you usually eat to maintain your weight. This may seem like a daunting task, but a proper bulking diet for women will make it easy for you. If you continue reading, you will come to know how much protein, fat and carbs you must eat while bulking up.

Increase your Protein Intake

All of us already know that there are three important macros we need to consider if we want to change our physique. When you are bulking up, 1 gram protein per pound of your bodyweight is considered to be ideal. Protein is an essential component for building muscles and we recommend you get quality protein.

Bulking diet of women must contain good protein sources like whey protein, cottage cheese, eggs, beans, red meat etc. As far as you eat whole foods that are nutrient rich, the process of bulking up will be healthy.

Go for Healthy Fats while bulking up!

Fats should be taken such that you gain 30% – 35% of your calories from it. You cannot eat fried items and sugary drinks but this fat should come from healthy foods like nuts. In a typical bulking diet for women, egg yolks, walnuts, butter, ghee, coconut oil and almonds should be included.

This will ensure a supply of healthy fats to your body. The remaining calories should come from complex carbohydrates like vegetables, quinoa, whole grains and sweet potatoes.

Importance of Exercising while Bulking up!

There are calculators available all across internet which can calculate the amount of macronutrients you need to achieve your goal of bulking up.

The most important thing is to exercise while bulking up. Lifting weights is a great way to increase muscle mass and get fit. Challenge yourself with different forms of exercises and push yourself to cross your limits.

Some Tips to Help You Bulk up!

We know that it is really hard to eat so much while bulking up. To those who are not accustomed to eating large meals, this might be really difficult.

But there are ways in which you can increase your calorie intake without much fuss. Protein shakes are high in calories and in protein content.

Thus drinking them and adding them as part of bulking diet for women will be beneficial. One can also take healthy snacks like almonds in between meals to increase the calorie intake. Even dietary supplements can aid you in your process but consult with your doctor before consuming them.

Remember, micronutrients are as essential as macros and try to eat organic, whole foods instead of processed foods.

We hope our post was helpful and you succeed in your goal of achieving your dream body by bulking up!

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