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Nutrigo Lab Regeneration Review

Post-workout stress can play a big role in the weakening of muscles that could prove to be risky for athletes like you. The simples of workouts from the kettlebells to the deadlifts and pushups can have consistent stress on the chest muscles, abdominals, triceps, biceps, glute, and hips. Continued stress can lead to pulled muscles, strains, and other forms of microscopic damages. These damages can grow to become macroscopic injuries and render your muscles prone to disorders.

The best possible way to avoid ending up in such conditions is through preventive measures. You need to let your muscles relax and recuperate with plenty of rest between workouts. They need to regain their strength and stamina with the highest concentration of supplements that can heal injuries, rebuild the muscles, and also generate new cells and tissues. In this Nutrigo lab regeneration review, I introduce you to the compositional and functional features of the Nutrigo Lab Regeneration supplement.

Nutrigo Lab Regeneration Review

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The basic functionality of Nutrigo Lab Regeneration can be categorized into three parts, namely interaction with muscle metabolism, relaxing and strengthening of skeletal and cardiac muscles, and energizing of tissues and cells within the muscles.

Muscle Metabolism Activation

Generally, the process of metabolism starts with the breakdown of foods into the compositional elements from the salivary glands to the stomach, intestines, liver, bladders, and the pancreas. It takes about 6 to 8 hours for the primary metabolic processes related to digestion. Effective energy conversion takes about 24 hours to happen.

The main reason for choosing Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is to reduce this food-energy conversion time to a few minutes, which could be probably less than 1 to 2 hours. Of course, the shot of energy you get onto your muscles will have to bypass the digestive organs and flow to the muscular metabolic systems through the circulation system.

Muscle metabolism is a process of absorbing the ingredients from the supplement and converting them into direct energy. The best sources of such energy could be amino acids, short-chain peptides, whey proteins, dipeptides, and tripeptides.

The activation of muscle metabolism through the Nutrigo Lab Regeneration can result in the muscle-relaxing energizing, and recovery of stressed-out muscular tissues and cells within a short time. This type of muscle metabolism is quicker and more energy-efficient, because of the reduced (sometimes near to zero) loss of energy.

Your muscles can utilize the entire ingredients for increasing their endurance levels also.

Muscle Damage Protection

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Prolonged athletic workouts can result in micron size damages to the striated tissues that are under the direct control of somatic nerves. The shock waves that travel along the length of skeletal muscles can also affect the tendons and interior nerves inside them. How does Nutrigo Lab Regeneration protect them?

Scientifically speaking, the product ingredients like Branched-Chain-Amino-Acids, hydrolysate, and the Arginine Alpha-Keto-Glutarate compounds are stated to create a protective layer over the muscular systems.

The ingredients are also stated to have an immediate impact on the bones that include the clavicle, hip bones, backbone, arm bones, and the connecting tissues to the skeletal muscles. The activation of calcium channels in these sections can strengthen the resistance and endurance capacity of the entire muscular system from the neck to the legs and feet. Continue reading Nutrigo lab regeneration review to more.

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Enhanced Muscular Flexibility

Imagine a mechanically driven machine working without lubricants! Soon the friction created between the various moving parts can wear-down the machine, causing it to collapse. Drawing a similarity with the human muscular system means the joints and connecting tissues need some kind of lubrication to keep the muscles flexible and smooth in action without tearing and wearing out.

Fat in the form of Intra-myo-cellular-lipids are largely responsible for the lubrications of muscles and joints in your body. Workout exercise can consume a large volume these healthy fats by converting them into energy.

The athletic muscles tend to stress out after the completion of workout cycles, depending on their intensity and duration. Muscles can’t get energy from the standard metabolic systems in real-time since they are slow to supply the generated energy.

The ingredients of Nutrigo Lab Regeneration can regenerate all the lost fatty acids of the skeletal muscles within a span of few minutes. It happens due to the intramuscular and inter-muscular metabolic actions that happen in real-time.

Consistent generation and circulation of the fatty acids within the skeletal muscles can increase the flexibility and load-bearing capacity to a considerable level. Hence the probability of damages reduces significantly with time.

Enhanced Recuperation Speed

Recuperation is the time required to heal the muscles after extended workouts. It could be related to many aspects like

  • Toxin removal
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Tissue remodeling
  • Bonding with old muscles
  • Strengthening and tightening
  • Energizing
  • Activation

Generally, the recuperation of muscles may take time from 6 hours to 24 hours, depending on the type and intensity of stress and strain. Consider for example the three types of stress your muscles can undergo during athletic workouts.

  • Generic muscular stress
  • Acute muscular stress
  • Chronic muscular stress

Generic muscular stress can result in sprains, over-stretching, and pain due to these factors. Resting period of 6 to 10 hours can relax the muscles up to 80% or more, depending on the intensity of workout and stress levels.

Acute muscular stresses can have long-lasting effects on the efficiency and working mechanism of the skeletal muscles. They may need the help of therapies and massages to recuperate within a span of 18 to 40 hours or more.

Chronic muscular stress is a stage in which the muscles could become overly prone to injuries within the next few hours or days depending on the workout intensity and duration without proper resting.

The ingredients of Nutrigo Lab Regeneration can increase the speed of recuperation by activating the healing and regeneration processes of muscular tissues and cells. Muscular metabolism is the first step for the healing process and the regeneration of new cells and tissues is the last stage.

According to nutrition experts and athletic trainers, the process of recuperation could be speeded up by 30% to 40% in the initial stages. Consistent consumption of Nutrigo Lab Regeneration can reduce the recuperation speed by more than 60% to 75% based on the physiological and medical conditions of your body and muscles.

My Thoughts and Opinion

I started to ponder about Nutrigo Lab Regeneration, much before I started using it. My primary problem was joint pain and pulled muscles after prolonged workouts. I started my fitness programs after crossing the age of 46, because of the fear of obesity. My intention was to keep my belly size and body weight within the manageable limits.

First few days of athletic workouts (jogging and cycling) were OK, because I used to spend little over an hour for both. It was after I joined the gym to prepare for an athletic event in my town that the real problems started.

My trainer insisted that I should start with weight and dumbbells in the initial stages. Then he pushed into barbells and pec-deck machine, cable row machine, and the triceps extension bar that I started experiencing muscle fatigue.

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My First Experiment with Nutrigo Lab Regeneration

My first experiment with Nutrigo Lab Regeneration was more of muscle relaxation than healing and recuperation. It took me little over 2 hours to get back into the everyday activities after I returned from gym and consumed the supplement.

My Long Tem Experience with Nutrigo Lab Regeneration

It has been more than five weeks since I started consuming Nutrigo Lab Regeneration after my workouts. It has extended my endurance level from 30 minutes of continuous workout up to 45 minutes. My muscles are free from the constant feeling of fatigue that used to trouble me through the day.

My Frank Opinion on Nutrigo Lab Regeneration


My opinion on the Nutrigo Lab Regeneration is somewhat mixed, because I have experienced the good effects as well as its limitations. On the positive side, it has flexed my muscles, pumped up more energy, and healed the consistent stress factors. Post workouts are more relaxing than before. I don’t need to go for the hot sauna or the massage once in three days to make me feel comfortable.

On the limits, my muscles don’t feel too much energized, at least not as much as I expected. My physical age is now 47 and it could be one of the reasons. I can recommend the product if you are my age and looking to enhance the endurance and injury protection by 40% to 60% than the existing limitations.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Direct muscular metabolism
  • Enhanced physical endurance
  • Heals muscle stress and fatigue
  • Energizes muscles and flexes joints
  • Works faster than natural diets
  • No side effects


  • Effects take more time after 45+ age
  • Not so effective for acute muscle injuries


I have seen youngsters in my gym getting better results than me when they use Nutrigo Lab Regeneration. Of course, the physical conditions of my body and muscles have improved at least by 40% compared to a few months before. I think I can recommend the product, provided you consult your physician and dietitian before starting with Nutrigo Lab Regeneration.

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Nutrigo Lab Regeneration Review
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