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Hypergh 14x Review

For the past six years, I had been trying to shape my body into a lean and athletic form without much success. The first hindrance was my obesity. I had a high Body Mass Index (BMI) which refused to reduce. I tried many supplements, workouts, and treatments, but without any tangible results. I tried fasting and change of diet to the pure vegan pattern. The results were somewhat better, but not to my expectations. I was about to give up on my efforts when my friend introduced me to HyperGH 14X. Now, I am getting better results for the past six months.

Hypergh 14x Review – The Initial Improvements

There has been visible fat burning and muscle mass leaning. My skeletal muscles have been shaping up nicely. The workouts seem to be producing much better results. Of course, I did consult my physician and gym trainer before trying the HyperGH 14X.

The Product

They suggested I have to go for the supplement, provided I plan my diet schedule and workout program in a systematic way. I am thankful to my physician for giving me the right input about usage methods.

The first thing I wanted to know was about the ingredients. He said they are the key elements, which can influence my food consumption and workout efficiency.

Complete Body Detox

The physician explained the reasons for my body’s inability to lose fat. I had been trying to burn fat without changing my diet pattern. I continued to eat fatty and spicy foods which only added to the existing obesity. He asked me to stop eating unhealthy fat. It took almost two weeks for me to do that.

Then he gave me the first dose of HyperGH 14X supplement. He limited my diet to veggies and cereals on that day. He asked me to go for a long walk every morning and drink plenty of water. After two weeks of the program, I went for a diagnosis again. The tests showed visible improvements.

He changed my diet to lean meat, Salmon, tuna, and green veggies. He said I could start with simple gym workouts. I started with simple pushups and body weight training. Of course, I continued to consume HyperGH 14X as my physician advised me. After 15 days, I could experience significant changes in my physical conditions. Check the changes  in this HyperGH 14X review below.

  • Considerable improvement in digestion
  • Reduction of obesity in muscles (especially, thighs, legs, abdomen, and chest)
  • Reduced acidity and refluxes
  • Feeling of freshness in stomach and breathing
  • Flexible muscles
  • HyperGH 14X Reduced joint pain
  • Ability to bend the body without pain
  • Ability to climb steps without fatigue and spasms

My physician told me about the natural Detox process happening within my body. I was still doubtful about the effectiveness of HyperGH 14X. Then my gym trainer explained many of the features of HyperGH 14X which I had not bothered to read.

HyperGH 14X Ingredients

Initial Reactions

My gym trainer said L-Arginine is the main ingredient of HyperGH 14X. Nitric oxide is the main constituent of this ingredient. He said it has the important function of cleaning the veins that supply blood to all the muscle groups in my body. Oxygenated fresh blood removes the stored unhealthy fats within the muscles. So, my muscles started getting leaner naturally. The process was slow, but it was also very significant.

To be honest in this review, I used to experience cramps in my muscles. If I sat on a chair for more than 30 minutes, I found it difficult to get up. I had to hold both the handles of the chair and push myself up. I had to stand still for nearly two to three minutes until my joints could move freely. My gym trainer told me about another ingredient called the L-Glutamine.  He said it can hydrate the joints and make movements free from friction.

Of course, I could experience the results within a short time after consuming HyperGH 14X pills regularly. My joints started yielding and flexing. It was slow but effective.

Muscle Toning

It felt good to see my body muscles changing from fat mass into a relatively good shape. It took some more time to get them shaped into a lean and strong structure. At last, I was able to sit, squat, and stretch my body without experiencing cramps.

For the next few weeks, I continued to work on lightweight training equipment and the lean meat and veggie diet plan. My physician said I could increase the HyperGH 14X HGH pills to a higher dosage.

Muscle Strengthening

It was at this stage that I started experiencing the strengthening of my body muscles. There was a considerable improvement in the muscles of

  • Biceps and triceps
  • Middle back
  • Glutes
  • quadriceps
  • hamstrings
  • chest muscles
  • abdominal muscles
  • Trapezius and
  • shoulder muscles

By this time my trainer had improvised my workout methods to

  • Barbell
  • Kettle-bell
  • Dumbbell
  • T-Bar-Row
  • Reverse curl and
  • Standing Lift

To be honest, Still, there was a pain in my hips, abs and lower back. I was restricted to light barbell weights. If I tried for a heavyweight, it either slipped off or I couldn’t lift it at all. My trainer told me it was due to the formation of fat in the Glutes.

Later I found it was a tough task to remove fat from the butts. He said HyperGH 14X spray ingredients can breakdown the fat and convert them into fatty acids, which in turn strengthen the hip and abs muscles. He suggested some special exercises for the Glutes muscles strengthening.

Wow! The HyperGH 14X results were far better than those I got with the conventional methods and supplements. The results were gradual in the initial stages. After reaching the threshold, the changes were relatively faster.

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HyperGH 14X in Muscle Growth

The initial signs of muscle growth were visible in the biceps and triceps. My physician told me they were due to the catalyst property of HyperGH 14X. He said there are two types of muscle growth named hypertrophy and hyperplasia.

Hypertrophy is a process, in which one muscle fiber breaks down to form multiple fibers. But the main muscle fibers need to heal from the injury. HyperGH 14X supplement has the ingredients to heal the fibers and to enable healthy growth. But it needs vital vitamins, proteins, and minerals. He advised me to take the instructions for the workouts.

My trainer suggested that I go for bicycle crunches to start burning the abs and hips fat. My food pattern changed to include turkey-breast, split peas, bananas, and yogurt. Of course, my tryst with HyperGH 14X continued without break.

I was able to experience the results within the next 15 days. There was a considerable improvement in the muscular structure in my abs. They gradually started getting lean and flexible. I could ride my motorcycle for miles, go for a long walk, and play basketball without pain in the lower back.


The other key benefit I have got is freedom from alcohol and cigarettes. Earlier, I used them to numb my body ache and activate my brain. Gradually, I started reducing the intake. My physician told me it was due to an increase in oxygenation and addition of proteins to my body muscles. Reduction in stress and fatigue and increase in strength naturally reduced dependence on addiction. I am really grateful to the friend who got me my first HyperGH 14X HGH pills.

How I am Now

My Body image after using the HyperGH14x Daily Growth Hormone (HGH) Releaser for BodyBuilders

Today, I am able to experience complete freedom from fat and related disorders. My body has shed more than 25 kilos of unhealthy fat and weight within the past six months. My waist size has reduced from 42” to 36”. My pot belly has reduced to a flat and strong structure. I am able to walk for six to seven miles without any issues. I can go on long bike rides. I am grateful to my trainer, physician, and of course to the HyperGH 14X.

What Happened?

I still don’t understand what really happened to me during the months of HyperGH 14X intake and changes in workout and diet plan. But I can tell you one thing confidently. There have been many changes in my lifestyle which I had never dreamt of. Some of them came quickly, while the others came rather slowly.

My physician and trainer had made two things clear to me. I need to be patient and persistent in consuming HyperGH 14X and the workout and food plan. Initially, I had the gut feeling that HyperGH14X may not work for me. But gradually I started believing the supplement after experiencing results.

Conclusion: My Opinion on HyperGH14X

According to my HyperGH 14X  Review, The product has been a good supplement for weight loss, fat burning, and muscle mass development. Of course, I had no negative side effects while consuming it. It could be due to the fact that I have had no problems with blood pressure, diabetes, or any other disorder. Now, I am 47 and continue to remain active in the gym. I take some time out on Sundays and train a few youngsters on the basics of gym and muscle leaning workouts. Of course, it has been my personal experience with HyperGH 14X. You may choose HyperGH 14X HGH pill, after consulting your physician and experience the benefits I am enjoying now.

Hypergh 14x Review
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