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Green Coffee 5K Review

It has been five weeks since I started with the Green Coffee 5K after my friend recommended the product. I have been able to shed little over 5.7 kilos of body weight, achieve 70% of fat burning heart rate, and burn fat to a considerable level.

Read my Green coffee 5k review to know the impacts of fat burning have been on my thighs, hips, and the butts, apart from the upper body areas of chest, under-arm, and shoulders. I know it takes still more time for the effects to become significantly healthy, but I am sure I am on the right path with the Green Coffee 5k.

Green Coffee 5K Review

About the Green Coffee 5K

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Green Coffee 5K is a simple and natural product that helps you to burn fat and shed unhealthy weight without any side effects. Before exploring the product in detail, it is important to understand certain simple facts on fat cells in your body which are about 30 billion in numbers!

Unhealthy fat accumulation can result in an increase in the size of these cells four times their natural size. The formula for fat burning is related to reducing the size of these cells and not their numbers (which is not possible).

The three main types of fat cells in your body are essential, visceral, and subcutaneous. Essential fat cells are stored in the bone marrow, along with the nervous system, and the membranes of muscles and internal organs. Subcutaneous fat is stored beneath the skin layer over your entire body. Visceral fat is stored in areas like the liver, abdomen, intestine, and other important organs.

How Green Coffee 5K Burns Fat?

Green Coffee 5K works with the help of its ingredients for burning fat and converting it into energy. Chlorogenic Acid is the key ingredient that speeds up the process called the Lipolysis of the fat cells. It opens up the fat cells and extracts the excess volume to release into the blood.

When the unhealthy fats release into the blood, they convert into fatty acids. Circulation carries those into the metabolic organs like the liver and pancreas where they convert into proteins and nutrients. The circulation system transports them to the muscles and internal organs that absorb and store them.

Now, the adipose cells that lost fat get leaner, reducing the size of muscles in the obese areas like the thighs, abdomen, hips, butts, back, shoulders, and chest.

The process of fat burning by the Green Coffee 5K needs time to become effective. However, you don’t have to wait for months because of the concentration and composition of the ingredients. For example, the combination of

Chlorogenic Acid and Caffeine can increase the rate of fat burning and give you visible initial results within a few weeks.

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How Green CoffeePrevents Fat Absorption?

Burning the existing fat is the only first part of weight loss. The second and most important part is to prevent the absorption of fat from the foods you consume. Sometimes the food may contain fatty dairy products, oil, meat, and other ingredients.

Green Coffee 5K can reduce the appetite for overeating after meals. The ingredients can create a feeling of satisfaction after meals. The feeling should be physical as well as psychological because you may feel the craving to eat more due to both factors. Hence, the supplement comes with essential ingredients to reduce both forms of craving.

What about the fat you have consumed with the food? The Green Coffee 5K ingredients can extract them from the foods and convert into fatty acids with healthy production of Bile fluid in the liver. The Bile fluid can break down the fats into their basic ingredients and release them into the circulation system.

At the same time, bile liquid also eliminates the toxic byproducts of fat into the kidneys and bowels from where they get disposed. This process cleans the fatty acids that get stored in the muscles and internal organs.

How Green Coffee 5K Controls Metabolism?

Every cell in the human body has its unique metabolism process related to fat and fatty acids. The absorbed fatty acids (in the form of nutrients) can stay in the cells for a specific period after which they may get converted into glucose. It can lead to the accumulation of fat once again.

Green Coffee 5K ingredients can control the metabolism of fat and fatty acids when you work out on the physical exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, and other simple gym activities. Flexing the muscles is something that needs energy which the fats and fatty acids can provide.

Adrenal glands located around the kidneys generate sex hormones and Cortisol, which is very important for regulating physical stress in your body and muscles. Caffeic acid ingredient in the Green Coffee 5K stimulates the glands to produce an optimum volume of Cortisol for stress reduction which in turn is a preventive measure for fat accumulation.

Controls Insulin

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Saturated fat and glucose can have long term impacts on the accumulation of obesity along with the visceral and subcutaneous fat cells. They grow in volume when the ratio of insulin or its effects start reducing in the blood.

Green Coffee 5K ingredients can have a positive impact on increasing the insulin volume and reducing the body resistance to insulin to a considerable level. It can result in an increase in the conversion of glucose into vitamins and energy.

Beta cells of the Pancreatic-Islets in your body are responsible for the production of insulin. Caffeic acid is known to reduce the insulin resistance of the body and increase insulin production stimulation. Of course, it has to combine with the Chlorogenic acid, the other ingredient of Green Coffee 5K to make the effects more impactful.

Green Coffee 5K Overall Results

The overall results of Green Coffee 5K ingredients are related to consistent fat-burning, prevention of fat accumulation, and metabolism of consumed fat to convert into energy. Regular light exercises and abstinence from addictions are the primary criteria for making the process more effective and long-lasting.

My thoughts and Opinions

The experienceThe experience was the only way for me to test the effectiveness of Green Coffee 5K. Hence, I started consuming it after consultations with my physician and dietitian and also my gym instructor. All of them suggested I could try it since it had no harmful ingredients that may cause side effects.

My first thoughts about the Green Coffee 5K were mostly driven by two factors, namely the desire to shed weight and fat and the skepticism of ineffectiveness. So, I started consuming it and got the results within a few weeks.

The anti-diabetic effect of Chlorogenic acid and Caffeic acid is the key factor that is probably responsible for the prevention of fat and glucose accumulation. After going through may medical journals and periodicals, I discovered their ability to stimulate insulin secretion and reduce insulin resistance.

Once I started consuming Green Coffee 5K regularly for about two weeks, my thoughts about it started changing gradually. I realized that the supplement acts more like fuel for fat burning. To make it more effective, I had to follow certain simple procedures related to

  • Fat content in my food
  • My physical workouts
  • My medical condition
  • Physical and psychological stress

Of course, Caffeine and Caffeic acid could reduce the physical and psychological stress to a considerable level. Since there was a reduction in my food craving after a meal, I had to change the diet plan and add more veggies and lean meat along with fish.

After Green Coffee 5K, the need for extended gym workouts has reduced considerably. It is because of the ingredients that seem to burn fatter and calories with simple workouts and regular walking.

According to my Green Coffee 5K review, the ingredients of Green Coffee 5K can help in fat burning and weight shedding to a considerable extent. But you need to monitor and control the fats in your foods and intensity of workouts to keep the eliminated fat from re-accumulation.

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  • Natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Has all the healthy diet ingredients
  • Even fat burning all over the body


  • May not be suitable for people with heart conditions
  • Body temperature may vary during pregnancy


I have been using Green Coffee 5K for quite some time now and I could get real results. I will not call it as a magical formula that works like the Genie in Cinderella. However, it can work as an effective supplement for fat burning and weight loss within a practical time.

Green Coffee 5K has made me feel a little uncomfortable during periods and a few days after. But the effects have gone away after sometime when I reduced or stopped it during that time. Resuming the consumption after 5 days has shown me that GC 5k can work effectively after a short break also.

I do miss some of my favorite fatty foods, especially those from the fast-food centers where I used to order. But it is ok since Green Coffee 5K has given me the freedom to eat healthy fats with no restrictions.

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Green Coffee 5K Review
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