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Volume Pills vs Semenhance: Which to Trust?

There is nothing more distressing than not experiencing intense organism during sexual intimacy. Though there could be several reasons, one most debated reason is the low-quality semen. The sperm count and the volume recognize the seminal fluid quality. In short, the less volume of semen, the lower is the sperm.

When the semen volume is high, you seem to enjoy the sexual desire and intimacy with your partner like never before. The main purpose of both supplements is to help boost the male’s confidence while making them empowering and stimulating during sex.

Volume pills confirm that the male can ejaculate about 500 percent more semen with every orgasm. When it comes to semenhance, it has also gained popularity as the semen flavor is effective, quick to improve taste, and safe to use. Let’s discuss more in detail which is best, volume pills or semenhance and why volume pills are the best semen enhancer in this article.

Volume Pills vs Semenhance: Which one is best?

Among the two options, Volume pills and Semenhance, which one is the best product should you choose to increase the semen volume? Let’s make a comparison between the two and decide the good one.



Made from natural ingredients, semenhance sweetens and improves the semen taste. It is designed with a formula that increases the sugar level present in semen to enhance the taste. It flushes out the unpleasant taste just after three weeks of consumption.

Semenhance comes in four tropical fruit flavors, which include Strawberry, Banana, Kiwi, and Pineapple. On ejaculation, the semen will have a fruity taste, which makes it flavorful for your partner. Also, the supplement contains Vitamin C, which removes toxins from the body.

Semenhance consists of Vitamin C, Silicon Dioxide, Vegetable Stearate, Gelatin, Cellulose, and Celery Stalks in terms of active ingredients. It helps to boost immunity and overall physical and sexual health.

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The product is sold with a 67-day money-back guarantee and free shipping, where you can try the product and return it if the result is not visible. That means you have enough time to verify the information for the best oral sex, taste, and enjoyment.

Volume Pills

volume pills

Volume Pills, on the other hand, improves the circulation of blood flow to the penile tissue. As a result, you will experience a thicker and harder erection. Volume pills increase the sexual desire and arousals which males with low semen volume cannot experience.

The main purpose of the volume pills is testosterone hormone enhancement, which increases the volume of semen. The pills elevate the spermatogenesis while increasing a load of cum in the penis. Thus, with an increase in semen, you will need to exert more pressure while unloading, and it results in extreme and pleasurable orgasm.

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The volume pills contain natural and active ingredients that are safe for your health and reproductive system. The ingredients aim to improve men’s virility, enhance the volume of ejaculation and strengthen the workforce. It includes solidin, lingzhi mushroom extract, Ku Ga, Hong Hua, Tian Men Dong, and Drilizen.

Within 60 days, you can see the significant increase in the volume and how it stimulates sexual desire. If not, you get the money-back guarantee.

Which One is the Best Semen Enhancer?

Semenhance mostly deals with improving the semen flavor and taste rather than increasing the semen volume. However, it got mixed reviews whether it enhances the semen flavor/taste or not.

Volume pill stands out as the popular semen producer because it can significantly increase the sperm count to offer the best physical performance during sex within a few days of consumption. On top of it, it does improve the semen taste.

Benefits of Consuming Volume Pills

Now, you know that volume pills are the favorite semen producer, you should also know what other benefits they can bring apart from increasing sperm volume.

Stronger Erection

The herbs and ingredients in the pills heighten the blood flow to travel to the penis. This way, you will have a stronger and harder erection.

Improved Libido

Besides increasing the sperm volume, the herbs contained in the pills also improve the libido. After taking the pills, if you want to experience more sexual desire for ejaculation or sex, that means the pills are showing their effects.

Powerful Orgasms

When your semen volume is increased, you will experience a more heightened orgasm. Volume pills start working as soon as you start consuming the pills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use the Volume Pills?

Male, above the age of 18 years can safely consume the pills. When it comes to consumption, you should take one to two pills regularly. Moreover, you should take the pills continuously for two months every day for the best results.

Where Can You Buy the Supplements?

Both the products also offer a money back guarantee within 67 days of testing and use. If you like to buy from their website, they also offer a free shipping facility on both options.

You can easily buy the supplement from their official website. That way, you won’t buy an artificial product. Moreover, the website assures that you will have the best sexual experience after consuming the pills from day one.

The assurances follow this way; you can return the empty containers if you didn’t get the result you expected. You will get your money back.

Are There Any Side Effects of Both Supplements?

You can never be sure how pills can react with your body. To ensure that your health doesn’t suffer, it’s always better to check the information about the ingredients on the box. As both the cum enhancer uses natural and herbal ingredients, you may be allergic to any of the ingredients.

To avoid any risk, it is best to always seek medical guidance from a trusted doctor before consuming the pills.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to find the top cum enhancer between volume pills vs semenhance, you should definitely go with volume pills. Made with natural herbs used in India and China for hundreds of years for similar purposes.

In the end, the couples who have lost the essence of their relationship because of unsatisfied sex can elevate the physical performance with Volume pills. For an intensely intimate experience, all you need is high semen volume and erection strength.

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