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Tinnitus 911 Reviews – I’m 51 year Old now & This is My Story

Hi, my name Ted, and this is my Tinnitus 911 Review in depth. I am a textile machine engineer working for an LLC in Texas. I am here to share my experience with Tinnitus for 15 long years and how I found a natural solution. My experiments with therapy, medication, and the cute and compact hearing aid dominated these years.

Unfortunately, the strange ringing noise, nausea, and headache refused to go away. Finally, I decided to bow out of my favorite job and look for other options.

My Dream Job – Passion for Technology

My Dream before Tinnitus

I still remember the first day I touched a weaving machine that had come out of the production floor. It looked gigantic, magnificent and simply awesome. My manager told me I would be making many such machines.

I was thrilled at the prospect of putting my technical expertise into production. I entered the production shop floor at the age of 26.

My Tryst with technology and Tinnitus

I enjoyed my first 10 years of weekday job, weekend parties, rock shows, and motor racing. Then something strange started happening. I started hearing the cranking sounds and piercing noises in my bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and literally everywhere.

Hearing tinnitus ringing sound

I tried every method of cure from medication to therapy for the next 15 years. Nothing seemed to work and my condition worsened. Finally, I decided to throw in the towel and change my job. Then something strange happened.

Tinnitus 911 Review 2020 – Miracle that Cures

Tinnitus 911 Supplement for curing Tinnitus ringing sound

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It has been nearly three months since I am using the Tinnitus 911 and I have already experienced great relief from my years of suffering. I no longer wear a hearing aid when out of production unit. I only wear the safety ear muff in the shop floor. The endless ringing in my ears has reduced considerably. I am able to hear even whispers and chirping sounds clear.

Of course to say in this Tinnitus 911 review, there have been many other benefits too. It takes me only 10 minutes to slip into the deep sleep after hitting the bed. I can hear the morning alarm clearly at 5:00. My energy and zeal levels are up and running. At 51, I am able to live a balanced life between work, family and social commitments.

Tinnitus 911 – Ingredients


  • Vitamin B-Complex, B3, B4, and B12


  • Garlic, Hibiscus flower, Bachu leaves, Uva ursi, Green tea, and olive leaf


  • Hawthorne and Juniper

My friend, who recommended Tinnitus 911 tablet to me, had the practical experience of getting healed from a horrible condition of brain deterioration and loss of memory, hearing problems, and years of depression.

Even after listening to his Tinnitus 911 review and seeing a transformed Harry, I still couldn’t believe what he told me. My skeptical thinking kept blocking me from accepting that natural ingredients can cure a disorder which the most powerful medications failed to shake.

Then I decided to consult my physician and the expert ENT specialist with the sample of Tinnitus 911 capsule. Frankly, they were shocked out of their brains to see something so natural and free from every side effect they had in their medical thesaurus.

They suggested I try it for a few weeks and see if really works. Their opinion was simple, no chemicals mean no side effects. At best it could act as a placebo (something like sugar pills and saline injections) and make me feel good, that’s what they thought. Continue reading Tinnitus 911 review to see my initial impact after using the supplement.

Initial Impact

I could experience the initial impact of Tinnitus 911 supplement within the first week. The first sign was relief from physical stress. Then, I experienced a state of mental calmness. I was surprised, but still thought it is a short-term placebo effect.


Serenity - Tinnitus 911 review

I had heard this phrase somewhere which goes like “Grant me the serenity…” but which I had never had. It’s not that the ringing sensation and sensation of dementia had started overnight. It took years of toiling with machines, zooming on motor cycles, rocking on Metallica, and swinging on vodka to put me in that state.

A highly intelligent mind can be equally addictive. It seeks logic, evidence, and practicality in everything it sees. Yet, it becomes a victim of fast track to success and sensational feelings.

After years of tinnitus induced agitation, my mind had lost the sense of serenity. I had to keep it engaged in some kind of activity to keep it from getting into trouble.

To say in this Tinnitus 911 review, the first sensation of serenity with Tinnitus 911 was highly impactful, especially on my agitating mind. I went for a morning walk after two weeks of being healed with the magical formula. Nature looked so refreshing and life was worth rejoicing.


After the first experience of serenity, my belief in Tinnitus 911 medicine became stabilized. I thought of trying it for some more weeks and see what happens. Thus, began my tryst with the magical formula which continues even today.

Tinnitus 911 – Immense Benefits


At 51, my memory is improving like never before. I am no longer called the absent-minded professor in my workplace. I have started organizing my tools, equipment, accessories, and all the things needed for my work. I know exactly what I did while working to solve the jammed engine problem last week.

It’s not just the present, but also things from the distant past which I can recall. I am able to recall all the mechanical formulae and mathematical theorems that I learned during my masters. My logical thinking and reasoning are getting back to my best levels.


Long hours of working on forging, molding, fabrication, drilling, and cutting often made me lose the stamina and energy. In was always drained out when I reached home after work. I always rushed through the shower and reached “on the rocks” with vodka and rock music.

Today, while writing this Tinnitus 911 review I don’t need to depend on anything for energizing my body. Tinnitus 911 pills has given me so much of energy that I can shower slowly, have a full glass of pomegranate juice and play tennis with my son. I still take time to read through the latest innovations in textile machinery technology.


As long as the brain and the body are in sync with each other, the level of stamina can remain at the maximum levels. With Tinnitus 911, my physical stamina has improved significantly.  As I share my experience with you here, we (I and my wife) are still on our second serious honeymoon on the beaches of Bahamas.


Insomnia and intoxication had become an integral part of my life, ever since I entered the 40s. I thought intoxication could improve my sleep. The more frequently I got drunk, the worse my insomnia became. Ultimately I was left with a constant feeling of exhaustion and stress.

Today it takes me 10 minutes to go into a state of deep sleep after I hit the bed. I don’t depend on the cocktails or the medication. My sleep cycles are still in the stage of improvement. But, they are far better than the torture three months ago.

Inproved Metabolism

All the Vitamins and garlic ingredients in the Tinnitus 911 have improved metabolism from digestion to the elimination of toxic elements. Today I can afford to eat dairy products, meat, and poultry with a freedom I never knew before.

My physician often tells me to keep off too much of it. Then I switch over to veggies and fruits to balance the equation. I am glad the hesitation to enjoy my favorite foods is gone, because I know there is a solution.


Today I can freely talk about liveliness in life since I have been experiencing it. Believe me, it’s something more than the sum of all happiness and healthy life can give you. It’s an experience for every cell in your body.

Tinnitus had kept me within the walls of fear and uncertainty that I had built within my mind. Fear kept feeding me with more of angst. The chain reaction continued and I had become a prisoner of my own mind.

To be honest to include in this Tinnitus 911 review article, after three months of Tinnitus 911, I can experience freedom from within. Of course, the constant ringing noise (or illusion) is also gone for good. I can focus on reading a novel fully without an incorrigible urge to throw the book and grab the bottle.

Improving Relations With the Help Of This Medicine

My Energy By Tinnitus 911

Family and community relations had suffered greatly due to my Tinnitus problem for years. My wife rarely dared to take me out to parties or gatherings. I used to get those strange feelings of noise and vibrations at odd moments at the party.

We rarely had any celebrations even in our home. My wife and son celebrated Christmas and holidays at my in-law’s place. I always stayed at home or on the production shop floor.  Life had become a boring routine.

Today, after three months of Tinnitus 911 I am able to experience improving relations. My wife often tells me my attitude and behaviors have improved considerably. I am able to listen to people rather than constantly talking or pretending to hear.

My physician tells me it’s because of the coordination between my brain, body and the spiritual self which I always refused to believe. Today I am able to experience a better relationship with my family, boss, colleagues, friends, and community members.

Most importantly, my relationship with myself is improving. Ever since depression took over, I was always in a state of inner conflict. You know, it’s not so impossible to manage the external conflicts. Internal conflicts let you neither fight nor run away from them.

  Improve My relationship

Decision Making

Be Positive

Thanks to Tinnitus 911, my mind is relatively free from the constant cluttering of internal conflicts. I am able to take a firm decision on important matters. I don’t postpone, shift the responsibility, or blame others. I can experience an element of clarity.

I have started taking responsibility for my action and accepting life on its terms. You may feel I have become sort of nuts when I say these things. Believe me; it’s happening practically in my life.

Away from Negation

I don’t waste your time or my time talking negative about other treatment or medication options in this Tinnitus 911 review, because I am not here to promote anything. I am here for sharing my experience with Tinnitus 911 as it is.

They say Alzheimer and dementia can affect one’s life for the worse. My physician had professed that my lifestyle of working, drinking, and rocking would eat into my brains. Of course, he didn’t say that when I was born.

He said these things after he had seen me shrink from a towering personality into something which nobody wants to even imagine. Externally I looked strong and healthy. Internally was in a state of mess. My nerves and muscles had become a jumbled mass.

Today, the negations in my mind are slowly vanishing. It’s almost like melting an iceberg that’s blocking my progress in life. But I have a deep trust that things will get better because I am already on the way. It’s just a matter of time.

How Fast?

There was a man caught up in a quicksand in the middle of a desert. He could do nothing but pray. Surprisingly, he was rescued, fed well, and given a camel to ride home. After sometime he started beating the camel because it didn’t run like his BMW.

I will not go to the judgment of Tinnitus 911 based on how fast it works. It took 15 years for the Tinnitus-problem to eat into the depth of my brains and weaken my brawn. In three months, Tinnitus 911 has given me more than what I could demand.

Pros and Cons Of Tinnitus 911


  • All natural ingredients
  • Best supplement for Tinnitus
  • Perfect ratio for physiological and metal health
  • Healing from multiple diseases and disorders
  • No Side effects


  • May not be effective for people who are allergic to its ingredients

My Opinion ~ Tinnitus 911 Reviews

My personal opinion about Tinnitus 911 is simple. It works once you follow the instructions on the product package. I have been following the dosage as regulated by my physician (Nice to know he also believes in Tinnitus 911 after seeing the living proof in me).

I also follow the food and lifestyles as prescribed by my physician to get the best benefits. I am sure you can also benefit just like me.

Buy Tinnitus 911

Tinnitus 911 Supplement Review
  • Product Value

Good Curer

Tinnitus 911 is the best medicine, and I won’t lie after using it for 10 days my volume of ringing went down, and now my memory goes stronger and stronger. Now I am started to live my happiest life again. No words to say it.

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