Semenax Review 2019

Semenax Review – Best Semen Volume Increase Pill?

At the age of 25, my career as a software engineer has grown considerably. I have a lovely and lively wife, an impressive Ferrari, the decent apartment, and a bright future. I got married to Stefanie at 23. We met at a product launch seminar in Texas.

She was the head of the marketing team from the company who promoted our software products. We had only two formal dates when she proposed to marry. We got married on the next Christmas and went to Bali for our honeymoon. Continue reading my Semenax review to know magic of the Male enhancement volume increase pill.

Career Transition – Project Leader

The next six months flew faster than I had ever imagined. We celebrated every weekend like a romantic honeymoon in a beach resort with plenty of champagne and seafood. Time froze on weekends as we enjoyed life.

In 2017 I was promoted as a project leader. My responsibility increased, and so did my salary. I started bringing work to home. In the beginning, Stefanie helped me with my documentation and emails. Soon she got tired and stopped.

Time and Stress – Unmanageability

Business stress work

Soon time became a luxury for me. I spent most of my time at the workplace, client meetings, seminars, and formal parties. To put it shortly, I had become a software machine from an engineer. We somehow manage to find some time after 8 long months and went for a weekend honeymoon again.

It’s nearly impossible to get romantic when the mind is filled with deadlines and project problems. On this honeymoon, I discovered a serious problem. I failed to get an erection due to male enhancement problem, after the laborious trial I got a weak erection but climaxed prematurely.

We thought it was due to stress. It turned into a worry after two months and a nightmare after six months. My wife’s dream of having a baby remained in the cold box. We almost lost our hopes in the next six month months, but fortunately, we discovered Semenax male enhancement pills.

Semenax Review 2019 –  Naturally Increase Your Ejaculation

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The name SEMENAX sounded pretty familiar, though I heard it for the first time. It was one of my friends John who introduced me to Semenax enhancement pills. Of course, he wouldn’t have known about my needs if I had kept it to myself.

For a man, it takes a lot of courage and honesty to admit that he has a sexual problem. I too had the same phobia that somebody may make fun of me. However, the burning desire to enjoy my married life like before made me to openly talk with John.

He didn’t give me a long lecture or suggested any surgical and therapeutic methods. He just handed over the Semenax herbal capsules and said I could try it. He said he was sure of its impact from his experience. I read Semenax review before the try. I went to see official website to read all the facts and user testimonial about the male enhancement pills.

I decided to try it since I had very little time to think of other methods. I kept the dosage to exactly what he told me. After a week I could feel some changes in my body and mind. It was different though it was mild.

Semenax Volume Enhancer and Orgasm INTENSITY Increase

John had told me that Semenax is useful for increasing the sperm count and the semen production volume. He said it will increase the duration of my orgasm and let me enjoy sex better. He had left many of questions unanswered because he didn’t have time to sit and talk more.


My first problem was with libido. After a stressful day at work, I usually ended up in a bad mood and a stressful mind. Sexual desire was something which had started slipping away fast. Even when I tried to have some foreplay, it usually ended up in frustration.

After a week of Semenax, My mind started relaxing. All the clogs and cobwebs in my mind related to stress started melting away. It was gradual, but the results were truly amazing. Slowly my appetite for sex started returning to normalcy.

The mood lifting effects started working from the moment we started our supper. I could feel some kind of sensation in my mind and smooth circulation through my body, extending into the sexual organ.

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However, the erection was only partial. I was afraid of jumping the gun and having a go right away because I was not sure. I called John and explained my situation. The first thing he did was to congratulate me on the changes.

Then he asked me to have patience and try Semenax pills for one more week. Then something really strange happened. My testosterone levels boosted and I was getting my erection alright. It also stayed for a long time, more than my expectation. On the 20th day, John called me and asked how I was feeling.

I think I am almost ready”, was my answer. He laughed and said, “why don’t you two go on a honeymoon, maybe to the Bahamas this time”. I thought he was joking. I didn’t have that kind of time, because my project deadlines were looming large over my head.

“Well, maybe you could take the weekend and go to some romantic place nearby”. That sounded good. Also, it would be the 25th day with Semenax and it was high time to test its effectiveness. Off we went to the nearest beach resort in Texas.

Romantic Love for this Semenax Review

On our first night, I decided to skip the champagne and go with lemonade instead. I didn’t want to miss the pleasures of intercourse with the heady sensation.

I got into great mood from the moment we came out and settled down for dinner. By the time we went back to the hotel, I was hopeful of making it that night. Well, things did go well and we had many pleasurable moments.

More than anything it was my wife’s smile that reflected her happiness. But somehow, I felt it wasn’t complete. Since we were away in a strange place, I decided to meet a specialist there and explain my problems.

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Specialist Advice

The endocrinologist whom I met asked me some specific questions about my sexual problems. Then he asked me whether I was taking any measures to solve the problem of semen production. The moment I showed him the Semenax tablets, he smiled.

“You might have experienced improvements in the past 25 day’s right?’ That was a straight question and I said yes. He asked me to wait for a few more days until the ingredients worked on my physiological system to boost my testosterone levels day by day.

I was a bit puzzled when he said that. I expected quicker results than what I was experiencing. Then he asked me another simple question. “Since how long did you have this problem before starting with Semenax?” I told him it was more than one year.

Then he asked to explain my lifestyle, food habits, and other additions during that time.  After hearing me out, he assured me that I was lucky. “I have seen many with more critical problems getting cued by this method”, he opined.

Semenax Ingredients List


  • Muira Puama, Catuaba bark, Maca, and the horny goat weed


  • L-Arginine HCL, L-Cartinine, and Avena Sativa Extract

Sexual Health Boosters

  • Pumpkin seeds, swedish flower, Sarsaparilla, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, berry extracts., and pine bark extract

The specialist had the patience to explain about every ingredient and its special effects on my body and mind. He said they will have the long-lasting impact on your sexual organ and the connected systems within. I am too happy to share them with you here.

He said an aphrodisiac is a special herbal root which was used by the ancient Chinese and the Asians to boost sexual performance and virility.

Catuaba Bark

Catuaba bark extract For Increasing semen count

The primary function is to reduce the level of physical stress in the sexual organ and the rest of the body. It can boost circulation and ease blood pressure. It helps you relax and take things easy. It can also remove the toxic elements from your blood and improve oxygen absorption by the sexual organ.

In the next stage, it acts on the male brain and creates the sexual arousal. It is very helpful while during the foreplay for creating the initial sensations that result in the erection.  It reduces the feeling of nervousness and prevents the probability of premature ejaculation.

Muira Puma

Muira Puama for harder erections

Muira Puma is another aphrodisiac for improving erection and hardness. He said it’s a compound which consists of many sub-ingredients like KOLAVELOOL, PTYCHLOID, and many types of amino acids. It is also an antioxidant which removes the toxic elements from kidneys, and sexual organ to keep them healthy and fit.

Muira Puma is known to restore the nervous system stability during the intercourse. It can keep you from getting stressed out and ending up with a premature ejaculation.


Maca herb For boosting Sperm Level

Maca is an aphrodisiac and a sperm booster. It can enhance the testosterone production. The semen volume and quality improve significantly. The improvement in semen quality means better sperm health and count.

Sperm motility is the factor which is related to the male fertility. It increases the speed and energy of sperm movement from its origin to the mating with the egg in the female sexual organ. The probability of fertility will increase phenomenally.

An increase in the semen volume also means prolonged male orgasm. It was something new to me and surprising. The urologist seemed to understand my dilemma and continued.

You might have heard about female orgasm being prolonged and multiple, while the man shoots the load in one shot and goes limp. It need not be so. The ancient Chinese knew exactly how to enhance male orgasm with Maca.

Maca controls the volume of semen your organs shoots into the vagina during orgasm. So, your erection will remain hard even after the initial ejaculation. So, you can continue with the lovemaking for a few more minutes until the next orgasm.

It also means you can give ample time for your female partner to enjoy multiple orgasms too. So, your performance could reach the peak and prove to be bliss for both of you.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is an aphrodisiac and a stabilizer of erection. It can ease the flow of blood into the Corpora Cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum of the penile section. The low-pressure creation at the Cavernosa entry point makes the flow of extra blood possible.

The erection quality, strength, and stamina will be the highest due to the maximum volume of blood flow. The Glans penis at the tip gets hardened and penetration becomes smooth.

The Cavernosa has a small gland at the penile bottom which closes after the erection due to the effect of the goat Weed. So, the erection will remain hard for an extended time during the intercourse.

The other function of goat weed is to increase the volume of testosterone and the thickness of semen fluid. So, the density and count of sperms naturally increase.

The goat weed also fills the scrotum with the semen. However, it keeps the semen there for an extended time without letting you shoot off before time. The intensity of impact may vary, depending on the ratio of composition in the main product.

The makers of SEMENAX sperm booster have taken care of mixing the right ratio after many practical experiments which proved to be successful at the end. It can mix with the blood and enhance the stamina and performance levels.

L Arginine HCL

The compound converts into nitric oxide when in your blood. It is a powerful solvent for reducing the stress level within the blood vessels. The impact will be from the prostate gland to the prostate urethra, Corpora Cavernosa, and the Glans penis. So it will increase male enhancement parts.

It can also suppress the dorsal penile nerves from overreacting during intercourse. In fact, it can suppress the signals of ejaculation sent from the brain into the penis for an extended time. Of course, it combines with the aphrodisiac elements for doing it.

The strengthening of ejaculatory ducts is responsible for prolonging male orgasm during intercourse. L-Arginine can increase the sensitivity of ducts to the female orgasm of your partner. The reactions may start once the female experiences her first or subsequent orgasm.


The vitamins from swedish flower and other ingredients in the Semenax sexual remedy provide strength and stability to the penile section, scrotum, and the seminal vesicles. So, the ability to withstand the intercourse stress and continue to perform will surely increase volume with time.

Semenax – My Queries

After listening to the expert for a long time, I had a simple query. “I have been experiencing some of the effects within this time. How long will it take for me to experience the complete pleasure?” he smiled. He asked me to count the number of capsules in one bottle.

Then he said I could experience the benefits after the completion of one bottle. That’s the reason for the manufacturers to have a definite count in a bottle and prescribe the dosage on the label.

It takes so much of time for the ingredients to repair all the self-inflicted damages onto the sexual organs. The next step is to restore the health conditions of the organs and bring stability to the nervous system.

The next stage is to improve the performance capacity and the stamina for endurance. Then he explained the difference between getting a quick fix solution from the chemical based drugs and the natural ingredients of Semenax.

Semenax – Why Men Prefer

The medical drugs for libido and performance improvements will also work. In fact, they may work better than any other alternative. However, the impact is only temporary. They create a sensation of addiction to the mind and body.

Moreover, your body doesn’t accept the ingredients since they are not natural. An element of resistance starts building up within the penile system, testicles, and the nervous system. It could soon lead to instability and weakness.

So, you will be forced to increase the dosage to keep the stamina going. Ultimately the system collapses and your body could be exposed to severe side effects.

Semenax- Pros & Cons


  • All natural ingredients
  • Powerful aphrodisiac elements
  • Enhanced semen quality and sperm count
  • Prolonged performance
  • Multiple male orgasms
  • No side effects
  • Overall health improvement
  • Improved metabolism and cardiovascular activities
  • Elimination of toxic elements
  • Enhanced blood oxygenation


  • Semenax may not work effectively for those who are allergic to its ingredients

My Opinion ~ Semenax Reviews

In my opinion, Semenax is a natural solution for solving the most commonly occurring sexual problems. They include libido, erection, penetration, performance, endurance, orgasm, and ejaculation. The impact on semen volume and quality is also high.

I have been using Semenax medicine for a long time now. I have been experiencing a new life of relaxation and enjoyment. I have increased my participation in project works. The only difference is I am able to complete my tasks within a shorter span of time.

Semenax male enhancement pills has improved not just my sexual life but also given me extra energy to work more efficiently in my software projects. I can focus better, listen better, and understand my client needs well. The increased sharpness in my brain has made it possible to deliver more.

It has also given me overall health and fitness which I did not enjoy before. I hope you will also benefit just like me.

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Semenax Review
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Semenax is currently used by 2 million men & world’s best selling sperm volume booster and male enhancement pills till now and It personally helped me on my sexual performance and I highly recommend to everyone.


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