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Nutrigo Lab Mass Review

It’s my personal Nutrigo Lab Mass review so it will contain both benefits and side effects of this product. So read it to know about this post-workout bodybuilding supplement.

Building muscle mass is no longer the dream of only the athletes and bodybuilders. People who work in corporate offices, do business, study at schools and colleges, and work from home can also do it. All it takes is the willingness to get fit and stay healthy for life.

Regular workouts, healthy food, and hygienic lifestyle are the basic ingredients for building muscles. A good natural supplement can boost the possibility of building lean and strong muscles when used according to prescriptions. Nutrigo Lab Mass is one such option you can try from today.

Nutrigo Lab Mass Review

About the Nutrigo Lab Mass

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The key element that contributes to the effectiveness of a product like Nutrigo Lab Mass is its composition of ingredients. It is a simple shake that is made of Whey Protein, nitrogen, fat, lactose, yeast, and some of the most energizing minerals apart from amino acids, carbohydrates, and fatty acids.

There is nothing magical about these ingredients because many of them are already in the foods you consume. The difference is in the composition and the making process that builds strength and stamina. You may want to get down to the details and explore how they work when you consume them.

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Energy Composition of Nutrigo Lab Mass

Energy is a form of fuel that is stored in the ingredients like proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients & minerals. Your body can absorb it only when these elements break down in the metabolic system and the heat spreads to the muscles, muscular peripheral nerves, muscular fiber nerves, muscular motor nerves, muscular veins, and the other connecting parts of the body.

Nutrigo Lab Mass is stated to have many of the ingredients in different forms. Amino acids are stated to be the most important because they stimulate the synthesis of other proteins which can result in the production of energy.
Amino acids in the Nutrigo Lab Mass are important because they reach the muscles directly through the circulation system after digestion. Bypassing the complex metabolism system that takes hours to reach the muscles can mean an immediate flow of energy.

Multi-Minerals of Nutrigo Lab Mass

Magnesium is a unique mineral composition of Nutrigo Lab Mass that helps to generate the insulin-simulated growth factors. It can hydrate the muscle fibers and help to absorb the other proteins and vitamins. It is also responsible for the healthy coordination between your heart rate and muscles during workouts. It keeps the connection strong when you do heart rate exercises.

Calcium is the other mineral your muscles need for muscle contraction and expansion during workouts. It gives the much-required strength and endurance to the muscles to expand and break into new tissues and cells that promote muscle mass growth. Since the Nutrigo Lab Mass has an optimum composition of calcium, it can help to build muscle mass.

Sodium is a mineral that is responsible for the smooth flow of blood, oxygen, and other vital vitamins through the muscles. The contraction of muscles releases energy, while the expansion absorbs the essential vitamins. Sodium also helps in the process of energy generation within the muscular tissues and cells called Mitosis. Nutrigo Lab Mass has a good volume of sodium.

Phosphorus is a mineral that helps to increase the endurance power of muscles during workouts. Ripping of muscles during muscle mass growth can result in accidental injuries. The optimum volume of phosphorus can boost the bonding between muscle fibers and cells, acting as a shock absorber. Nutrigo Lab Mass has an optimum volume of phosphorus.

The other supporting minerals in the product can help in the channelizing and distribution of vitamins and minerals into the depth of your muscle fibers and tissues. Continue reading nutrigo lab mass review to know more.

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Biological Ingredients

Micron sized biological ingredients play an important role in the growth and expansion of muscle cells and tissues. It has the mineral ingredients as well as B-Vitamins that are responsible for the energizing of muscle tissues and cells.
Nutrigo Lab Mass comes with many other forms of micro-biological ingredients that can help to store energy within the muscular tissues and cells. The release of energy from these cells will be gradual and optimum. Your muscles need the energy when they are exposed to stress and fatigue during workouts.

Fats and Fatty Acids of Nutrigo Lab Mass

The word “fat” tends to ring the bells of panic in your mind that is natural. But there are many forms of fat that are essential, vital, and critical for the survival and sustenance of muscles. Nutrigo Lab Mass has the optimum composition of unsaturated and poly-saturated fats for performing many essential functions within your muscles. Some of the most important are
• Heat preservation
• Energy storage
• Hormone balancing
• Nutrient and vitamin absorption
• Muscle insulation and immunity
• Intramuscular messaging and more

As you can see these activities are stated to be highly essential for the sustenance and growth of muscles as well as the development of muscle mass.

Carpic and Lauric are the two key fatty acids that can increase the production of muscle cells and the formation of tissues and fibers. You can think of them as catalysts that can use the other ingredients of Nutrigo Lab Mass and the foods that you consume to create new cells and tissues in the muscles.

Other Key Ingredients of Nutrigo Lab Mass

Whey Proteins are the other key ingredients of Nutrigo lab mass that increase the concentration of muscle mass and improve the density. They can get leaner and stronger, depending on the intensity and duration of workouts you do at home or the gym.

These ingredients mix with the healthy foods and beverages you consume during the day and strengthen the muscles. They can also interact with the vital organs that produce muscle mass hormones and collagen and Elastin generators effectively.


The ingredients can work to produce better results only when you balance your diet plan and workout schedules according to your dietician and fitness trainer. They may not work effectively when you choose to ignore the two and focus only on the consumption of Nutrigo lab mass.

My thoughts and opinion about the product

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My first thought about the product is obviously related to the safety factors. I did not want to consume something that could interact with the medications I take for diabetes. Of course, I did a lot of research on the product ingredients and their probable impact on the side effects.

I was relieved to learn that the ingredients have no major impacts on my diabetes treatment medications. So, I started using it according to the prescribed instructions. So far I have been free from any of the risks.

My second thought was related to the effectiveness of Nutrigo lab mass in building muscle mass within practically possible time. After consultations with my dietician, gym trainer and of course my doctor, I came to the conclusion that it will be effective. The only criterion is that I should follow the diet plan and workout schedule strictly.

I have been able to form my opinions about Nutrigo lab mass only after trying it out for a few weeks and following the diet and exercise plans. I find Nutrigo lab mass to be good enough to support my energy needs and muscle building goals to a considerable extent.

Of course, I can’t expect magic to happen overnight, but I have experienced the positive effects of changing my muscle shape and mass from obese and unhealthy conditions into lean and healthy levels. I know it will take more time for the realistic results, but I do have the patience and persistence.


  • Tasty and pleasantly flavored
  • A good volume of whey proteins
  • Natural ingredients
  • Faster effects on muscle building
  • Freedom from fatigue and stress
  • Easy to prepare
  • Quick absorption by muscles
  • Instant energy


  • May result in gas and bloating when consumed without following a diet plan
  • Could be allergic to people with long term heart issues

I had made a mistake of staying on an empty stomach after the consumption of Nutrigo lab mass for about three hours, which resulted in physical fatigue. Then my doctor advised me about the importance of having a healthy meal after a few minutes of consuming Nutrigo lab mass. From then I have had no issues of fatigue, bloating, or gas.


Well, I can say the Nutrigo lab mass has been useful to me in building muscle mass and expanding their size to a considerable level after weeks of consumption and workouts. I have made it a point to never miss out on my breakfast early in the morning. I take one full cup of Nutrigo lab mass and have my breakfast with plenty of green veggies and fish.

I follow the same pattern for my lunch and supper after the consumption of Nutrigo lab mass. I have never gone overboard to make it happen in a hurry or slowed down due to laziness. So, I have been getting the practical benefits with no side effects.

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Nutrigo Lab Mass Review
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