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How to look like a bodybuilder and what Regimen to Follow?

Almost all of us dream of having a perfect physique that resembles a bodybuilder. With bulging muscles and a proportionate body, bodybuilders are a sight to look at.

Many people try to achieve this perfect symmetrical physique since looking like a bodybuilder gives a sense of self confidence. If you are someone who want abs and muscles like a bodybuilder, then you will find the answer here. Our article will help you with how to look like a bodybuilder and the steps you need to take to achieve that dream.

Getting fit Vs Bodybuilding

Just training at the gym and maintaining a diet will not make you look like a bodybuilder. You can get fit for sure by following that method. But to look like a bodybuilder, you have to be specific in how you exercise and what you put inside your body.

Bodybuilders usually need a lot of protein and eat frequently while training with higher weights. It can be a daunting task to understand the various proponents at first. But we are here to give you some clarity. That said, please consult with your physician before doing anything that might potentially affect your body.

Start slow!

The diet and exercise pattern followed by a professional bodybuilder varies a lot from a beginner. Since we are dealing with how to look like a bodybuilder, it is safe to say that you are a beginner. The first step is to start slow. Becoming a bodybuilder is not an overnight process. It takes time, consistency, effort and persistence to achieve that perfect physique with cuts at the right places. If you have made up your mind about it, then here we go.

Eat Surplus Calories!

There are three steps if you want to look like a bodybuilder. The first one is to eat surplus calories than your body needs to maintain its activities. You need to bulk up and build muscles.

The second one is to follow an exercise regimen that stresses on hypertrophy and muscle building rather than cardio. The third is to get enough rest by sleeping for eight to nine hours so that your muscles recover. If you are confused on how to look like a bodybuilder, follow all the three steps mentioned above.

Focus on Macronutrients!

The first and foremost thing that anyone looking to change their physique needs to understand is the importance of diet. Eating the right food is far more vital to get that bodybuilder look more than exercise. Bodybuilders exercise a lot and hence they also eat a lot. Four to five meals with appropriate amount of macros is needed to get the surplus calories.

Experts say that up to 45% of your meal should be protein. We all know protein is the essential component in muscle building. The rest 45% should be comprised of carbs which are equally important if you want to bulk up. The remaining 10% should be made up of good fat.

Train Muscle Groups Separately!

Exercising with heavy weights and low reps is necessary if you want a bodybuilder’s physique. As we said earlier, if you are new to exercise, begin slowly. Generally, bodybuilders train each muscle group separately.

So you can also exercise each muscle group for each day with heavy weights and low reps. Once you build some muscles and strength, you can mix up the sets. 8 reps to 12 reps will aid you in achieving muscle hypertrophy. You can start doing higher reps with heavier weights and throw some supersets in there.

What are the Exercises to Follow?

Usually, you should concentrate on exercises like dumbbell shrugs, skull crushers, T-bar row, reverse cable fly, etc. Dumbbell military press, incline dumbbell press should also be done. Train each part of your body and achieve the bodybuilder physique.

Give some Rest To your Body!

How to look like a bodybuilder?

Sleep well. Along with strict diet and exercise regimen, sleep well for eight hours in the least. Sleeping can help you recover from muscle soreness and help you with other bodily functions. You can also take supplements which can help you in muscle growth. However, it is best to consult your physician before taking any supplements.

Protein powder, BCAAs and L-glutamine are some of the known supplements that can help you in your bodybuilding journey.

All the best for your Journey!

Remember, professional bodybuilders have a team of experts to consult with. But we don’t have that advantage. Hence we should be careful while doing anything new and should not be harsh on our body.

Our body can take only so much. If you are new to exercise and searching for how to look like a bodybuilder, here’s our recommendation. You have to build your strength first. Slowly, take simple steps to integrate healthy habits into your daily regimen. After you are accustomed to exercising and dieting, you can start your strict diet and exercise regimen to achieve a bodybuilder’s physique.

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