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How Often Should A Couple Have Sex?

We all want to feel intimacy, connection and pleasure in our relationships. But how often should a couple have sex? At what frequency is “normal”? As a sex therapist, I’ve heard this question many times from couples who are struggling with their sex life.

Sex has incredible potential to deepen connections between partners and bring joy into relationships. That being said, let’s dive into understanding more about how often couples should be engaging sexually so that they can make informed decisions about their relationship dynamics.

Average Frequency Of Sex By Age

When it comes to sex frequency by age, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Every couple is unique and navigating sexual intimacy requires understanding what works best for both partners. As a sex therapist, I often get asked how often couples should be having sex. The truth is that the amount of times couples have intercourse can vary greatly depending on their respective ages.

In general, young adults from 18 to 30 years old tend to engage in more frequent sexual activity than those over 40 due to increased energy levels and overall enthusiasm for intimate encounters. Generally speaking, younger people are also less likely to experience physical issues such as erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness which can impede regular sexual activity at an older age. That being said, some seniors may still enjoy sex just as much if not more than they did when they were younger provided that any medical conditions are taken into consideration.

At the end of the day, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to determining how often a couple should be engaging in sexual activities; rather it depends largely upon personal preferences and taking into account each individual’s health status and comfort level with different types of contact. It is ultimately up to the couple themselves to discuss openly and honestly about their desires so they can find what works best for them as individuals and together as a partnership.

How Many Times Couples Have Sex?

When it comes to the frequency of sex for couples, there is no single answer. Every couple is different and has different needs when it comes to sexual frequency. Generally speaking, a healthy frequency of sex for married couples ranges from once a week to several times per day depending on their individual preferences. It’s important to note that this range can change over time as life circumstances shift. For example, if one partner is dealing with stress or health issues, they may need additional support during those periods which could mean more frequent intimacy.

It’s also worth noting that having sex less often than usual doesn’t always indicate an issue within the relationship. Everyone goes through highs and lows in terms of libido and energy level so lower sexual frequencies might simply be due to external factors such as fatigue or stress rather than problems between the partners themselves.

That being said, communication about each person’s needs and desires should remain open so that any changes are discussed openly and respectfully. This will help ensure both individuals feel heard and understood by their partner while providing them with the opportunity to find creative solutions together if needed.

Sex Frequency By Age Table

Age RangeAverage Frequency of Sexual Activity per Month
18-298-12 times
30-396-8 times
40-494-6 times
50-592-3 times
60-691-2 times
70+Less than once per month

When it comes to sex frequency, age groups can play a big role. It’s important for couples of any age group to have an open dialogue about sexual activity that is both enjoyable and safe. That said, there are some general guidelines we can look at when considering how often a couple should be intimate.

For younger couples in their twenties or early thirties, the average amount of sexual activity falls between two to three times per week. As you move into your late thirties and forties, this typically decreases slightly but still remains within the range of one to two times per week on average. However, as people begin to reach their fifties and sixties, the rate of sexual activity usually drops off significantly with most couples engaging in intimacy only once every few weeks or less.

No matter what age group you fall into, it’s important to remember that everyone has different needs and desires when it comes to sexuality, so these averages may not necessarily apply in all cases. What works best for your relationship will depend entirely on you and your partner’s individual preferences – so don’t hesitate to discuss openly what feels good and comfortable for each other.


Sex is an important part of any relationship. It’s a way to stay connected, show love and experience pleasure together. As couples age, their sexual frequency may naturally decrease as they focus on other priorities in life such as work and family responsibilities. Nonetheless, it is important for partners to be mindful that sex can often provide comfort, security and intimacy during times of stress or difficulty.

The key is to find a balance between the demands of everyday life and your intimate needs within the relationship. This could mean scheduling weekly dates where you both focus solely on each other; creating opportunities for physical affection outside of the bedroom; or making time for spontaneous moments of passion when schedules allow. Consider what works best for your individual circumstances and ensure there’s still room for romance even when life gets busy.

In short, no two relationships are alike so how often couples have sex depends largely on their own preferences, communication style and personal situation. The most important thing is that both parties feel comfortable with whatever level of intimacy feels right for them—and that can change over time too! Ultimately, if you choose to prioritize quality over quantity then chances are good that your connection will remain strong regardless of the number of times you make love each week.

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