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Breast Actives Reviews – Now I’m 21 &This Is My Story

I am Susan and this is my real Breast Actives review after trying it. 

At the age of 20, girls eagerly await the bikini season in my neighborhood. It’s the time when they go out with their boyfriends and enjoy the beach trips and the adventures of surfing. It’s the season which I dreaded the most.

Bikinis exposed the real size of my breasts to the external world. No matter what type of top I tried, they exposed the gap between the breasts and the bra. There was no way they could fill the cups.  The cleavage was almost nonexistent and my chest looked nearly flat.

Breast Actives Review

Bra Pads – Things Fell Apart

Bra Pad

I had seen many of my friends using the breast pads. They told me the pads resemble a heart shape. Fitment into any bra would be perfect and there would be so side effects. I tried a few of them for some days.

After a few days, I discovered the support and volume increase wearing out fast. Sometimes they got so sticky that I had a torrid time taking them out. My breasts only looked larger, but everyone knew what lay inside.

But still I tried all sorts of styles and sizes, only to get lumps on my chest and a rigid feeling due to reduced circulation. Moreover, the risk of damage to my breasts loomed larger than the temporary benefits.

Breast Implants – Too Scared to Try

Shocking Fear about Breast Implantation

Then somebody suggested breast implants with silicone gel. They said it would be the perfect solution which can fill the cleavage. They also said it’s easy and sexy. They could also boost my physique and make me more attractive.

I read through hundreds of Breast actives reviews and had online chat with many of those who had implants. Even though they boasted of great looks and growing confidence, I could clearly read between the lines. It was too risky and the rewards were not for a girl like me.

About Breast Actives – Lifetime Solution For Breast Enhancement

Breast Actives Kit

I decided not to take any risks and wait until I found the right solution. I got connected with friends who had the similar problem as me. We started exploring the internet for a natural and long-lasting solution. After an extensive search and research, we came across Breastactives.com.

My friends who read through the website suggested it could be the safest and best breast enlargement pill since it was natural and read few Breast Actives reviews online. We decided to try it for a few days and see if anything good comes out. Many of my friends said they would think about it.

I and my friend Julia weren’t ready to wait for others. So, we started our experiment with BreastActives. That was six months ago. After a few days of ingestion, I could feel the initial effects. Circulation started improving. I could experience a faint sensation of firmness in the muscles.

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Breast Actives Reviews – My First 15 Days

Breast Actives Supplements and Cream

I could experience visible effects within the first 15 days of ingesting Breast Actives. One fine day, I stood in front of the mirror and stared at my growing breasts. O put both my hands beneath them and checked. The sagging had reduced.

Not satisfied, I tried the pencil test. Remarkably it stayed on for a few minutes in its place. When I had tried the same test 15 days ago, it had simply fallen off. My confidence started growing slowly, but surely.

I continued with the Breast Actives for the next week, twice a day. Then I did the same tests after 30 days. My breasts had tightened considerably. Sagging had reduced by more than I could imagine. I could feel the firmness in the rib bones and the muscles.

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Breast Actives – Ingredients

I called Julia and enquired how it was going with her. Her joyous voice told me everything she had to tell me. She too was having a good time, for obvious reasons. We decided to meet at her home on weekend and have a chat over coffee.

I could observe a visible change in her chest and breast and I congratulated her. She said nothing and continued to stare at me with those dreamy eyes. I shook her awake and she simply hugged me.  She confessed would have fallen for me if she were a boy.

Then something hit me like a thunderbolt. “What’s the Breast Actives made of? You got any idea?” I asked her. She said of course yes. She had done a lot of research into the ingredients of every product she searched before choosing Breast Actives.

Herbal Extracts

  • Pueraria Mirifica, Red Clover, Grapefruit Seed, Saw Palmetto, Fenugreek, Aloe Vera, Avena Sativa, Chamomile, and Wild yam

Natural Oils

  • Almond, avocado, safflower, and borage


  • Vitamin E acetate and vitamin A palmitate


  • Hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, and other micronutrients, and purified water

Breast Actives – nature at Work

Now, I was damn sure of getting the best benefits of breast actives cream and nature pill. My intuition told me we’re gonna be the best babes in our neighborhood with the sexiest breasts. Somehow I wanted to know how these natural ingredients could make the miracle happened.

Then Julia explained everything in detail, just like those experts you get to see on TV. We had a long session that day and my mind was clear as a crystal after listening to Julia. This is exactly what she told me.

It’s the Hormones

Saw palmetto is a great ingredient which boosts the levels of estrogen and progesterone which are responsible for breast enlargement. She told me about the biggest hurdle called DHT which can shrink the breasts and make them almost flat.

It’s also the Muscles

The other ingredient Fenugreek is responsible for relaxing the rib bone and allowing the muscles to expand. She explained about the two main muscles called the intercostal and pectoral muscles. They form the base of the breast.

The growth of these muscles can happen when they get the right ingredients like the sativa. Aloe Vera removes all the toxic elements which can shrink the cells and tissues in these muscles. They would become alive and grow naturally.

Fat Cells

We girls are always up against anything that has to do with fat. I was surprised to listen to Julia talking about its benefits. She said the fat cells within our breasts gave them shape and volume. Hydrolyzed collagen and natural oils enhanced the fatty layers.

As the fatty layers grew, my breasts blossomed and the volume will be good enough to fill the “B” cup bra within the short span of time. Then she told me I could think of C, D, and the DDD sizes very soon. The prospects of having full cup bras for me excited me like nothing else.

Blood Vessels

Julia said most of the problems with small breasts were due to low circulation within the blood vessels. They become too narrow due to hormone reactions. Wild yam and Hyaluronic acid could expand the volume of bold vessels within the breasts.

Initially, it happens at a gradual pace. Then it gains momentum after 30 to 45 days. Julia explained how it works in expanding the volume of the breasts and keeps them healthy. More oxygenation means the elimination of unhealthy fat through burning.


Breast Actives ingredients like the vitamins and the Germaden II helped in shaping the nipples. They can grow from being flat into the protruding types within a short span of time. The ingredients can also enhance the coloring of the areola and push up the nipple height.

What Else?

“Oh my dear, you think it could really happen to me?” I was almost moved to tears when I asked her this question. It was my dream to have a stable relation, you know with a smart and starry-eyed young lad. I had tried that many times before.

“Wait till I tell you the whole story”, she wiped the tears from my eyes and continued. “If you feel only the breast enhancements happen, you could be wrong”. According to her, the Breast Actives can also strengthen the muscles on the thorax, and the shoulders.

I was surprised. “Why would they need support?  Isn’t it enough, if the Breast Actives just boosted the breast enhancement?” She smiled. Then she explained the physiological balance between these muscles and the breasts.

They would soon sag under weight and gravity if the supporting muscles failed to support. She said I will be in worse position than the small breasts since it could make me look older than I am. She had a point of logic, which you know I simply had to accept.

Strength and Stamina

Strength and stamina are the two factors which keep your breasts firm and the nipples erect. Breast Actives can enhance the strength of the tissue expander that is resident beneath the muscles.

What’s Tissue Expander?

Julia made it clear that she was talking about the natural tissue expander and no the artificial ones which may get inserted. The Breast Actives ingredients could work by enhancing the fibrous structure of these expanders.

Naturally also the expander would work only to a certain stage. That’s the reason why you see so many young women end up with small to medium size breasts after reaching an age. The expanders can blossom and grow, when the cells and tissues split beyond their threshold levels.

Breast Actives can help these expanders grow with no practical limitations. Hence, the breast expansion happens along the horizontal lines, apart from the volume increase. It’s the time when your breasts start filling up fully.

Breast Shapes

Showing shapes for this Breast Actives Review

It was the most interesting explanation I heard from Julia. Then I voided my concern over the breast shape. “Do you think the Breast Actives can shape my breasts also?” “Well, it depends on the simple shaping exercises you do”, she told me reassuringly.

Round, teardrop, or the bell shapes could grow to full volume. Julia explained about some of the techniques like having a straight spine, avoiding pressure points, and keeping the moisture content intact.

Shape Retention

Breast Actives ingredients can help in shape retention of your breasts as they grow and become firm. Strengthening of PECs and expansion of the fibrous tissues happens naturally. The only difference is the time.

Breast Actives speed up these processes by multiple times. They also unlock all the blocks and let your breasts bloom beyond the physiological limitations imposed by your genes. It may take a few weeks in the initial stages.

The miracle of shape retention and growth reach their highest levels once the threshold of limitation is broken. Then you can experience impressive growth and expansion.

Impressive Growth

After that session of the pep talk, my confidence in Breast Actives grew and so did my breasts. I was able to experience the impressive growth within the next three to four months. Now my breasts are growing around and into full volume.

Breast Actives Benefits

Breast Enhancement result

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After three months my cleavage became visibly bigger. It’s when my body image started growing. My friends who hesitated to start with the Breast Actives still had the same small bust. I and Julia stood out clearly from the rest and attracted more attention to those young studs.


Sensuality was something foreign to me. Though I could feel those emotions deep within, there was no way to express. My small breasts and unattractive cleavage made me avoid bikinis and other short size fabrics. The equation was changing fast.

It was almost four months of Breast Actives and I had started brimming with confidence. Then Julia suggested we try the Bikini magic when we went on the next spring break holiday. There I could see May pairs of manly eyes following us wherever we went.

Surprisingly, the number of messages on my Smartphone became too many to handle. I could feel the excitement in being the center of attraction. Now, I could resume my aerobic exercises which had dropped long ago.

It took only weeks for my breasts to blossom into the DDDDDD/I size. My bust grew into a full round and voluptuous shape which I could hardly imagine before.


Breast Actives gave me the options to choose my boyfriend rather than waiting for the boys to choose me. I took my time in choosing the best man for my dates. I found a partner in the best athlete and sporting personality whom I met in the next summer holiday break.

Last week I met Julia with her new found partner on the beaches of the Bahamas.  It was a surprise for both of us. Oh! She was too eager to narrate how she goes out of the shackles imposed by the small-sized chest and breasts.

As I listened to her story patiently, her eyes bulged with shock. She was watching me in Bikinis for the first time since we became friends two years ago. She said she simply couldn’t believe her eyes. She gave me a great hug and wished me the great time.


Breast Actives gave me something called personality, which I never had in my lifetime. If you’ve been ever skinny and small breasted like me, it’s easy to relate with me. You know, it kills the confidence and puts off the spark within the heart.

Today I have a personality, which stands equal to my partner when we go out on dates. It makes my presence felt, even when I am among the crowd of holidaymakers on the beaches. I get the same sense of elevation when I am in my college, conference hall, meetings and social parties.

Breast Actives have also pushed my education and career to the level beyond my imagination. When I stand and talk on the podium, people can feel the vibrations of a confident person communicating and spreading my circle of influence.


Breast Actives have earned me not only the voluptuous physique when I go out in my Bikini it has also earned me the respect when in formal wear. My boyfriend treats me with the same sense of equality which he expects from me.

I have also been getting calls from corporate sectors after I started sharing my profile and photos on the social media. Today I’m confident of managing my personal and professional life with ease. Thanks to Breast Actives, I am able to share my experience with you today.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Zero side effects
  • Even growth and expansion of breasts
  • Enhanced firmness and stability
  • Great Sensual appeals
  • Profound personality transformation


  • May not be suitable for those who are allergic to the Breast Actives ingredients

Breast Actives Review: My Opinion

It’s my personal experience with the Breast Actives which has shaped my opinion in the form of this Breast Actives Review. The ingredients give you plenty of vitamins, natural oils, and the benefits of herbal extracts.

I have experienced the transformation from being a person with low self-esteem to a person with the highest level of self-confidence.

The growth of breasts has also made me physically attractive and even seductive. You know, the sensation of feeling like a celebrity at 21 can be great. I suggest you try the Breast Actives and experience the results. I am sure you’ll be writing your success story to share with us soon.

Breast Actives Review
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